-WARNING: Some of this may be like a few books (EX: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Fruits Basket etc) but it's like a cross-over I guess. PLEASE DON'T SAY I'M STEALING IDEAS! I'M TOTALLY NOT! Since the whole plot was based on my ideas.

Summary: Three normal girls live in an orphanage, Sophie, Mary Anne and Caitlin Mortimer don't see themselves fighting ogres anytime soon. But one day a mysterious boy appears on the doorstep of the White Moth Orphanage (which is located in a dark creepy forest), claiming that they have magic powers and must join him in a quest. Sophie slams the door, Mary Anne ignores his pleas and Caitlin listens rapt. Before they know it some of them are wielding swords! Living in a palace! Learning magic! Eventual romance. R&R!

Chapter 1

Sophie Mortimer stood with her hands on her hips, her brows bent in an angry V. She was a twelve and three quarters year old, with a passion for shouting and starting fights, which caused her to be punished more then once by Mrs. Raselti. The unfortunate person who was receiving the glare was none other than her younger sister, Caitlin. The poor girl barely passed for ten years, and by far was the prettiest in White Moth causing half the girls at the orphanage to throw undesirable fits. She stared up at her older sister, with fear that Sophie would throw something at her; she hated to be the one to tell her Mary Anne wasn't coming.

"So let me get this straight," Sophie growled through gritted teeth, "Mary Anne isn't coming down to set the table?" Caitlin nodded fearfully. "When it's her day?" Sophie raised her eyes to the ceiling. "And. She's. Asking. Me. To. Do. It???" Caitlin managed to squeak a yes. Sophie took a deep breath and followed the steps the orphanage therapist taught her to do. "One...two...three...four...five...six..." but she never finished, for she lost it, and went stomping up the stairs that led to the girls' dorm. She stamped past the first eleven doors and threw open the twelfth were she resided with her two sisters.

"Hello Mary Anne," Sophie forced a smile, her voice was coated with sweetness, Mary Anne who knew all her older sister's tactics placed the book she had been reading, Anne of Green Gables, down.

"What do you want?" the eleven year old asked, she brushed her one of a kind dark brown hair out of the way. Sophie dropped all niceness and pointedly glared as Mary Anne got up and brushed her hair with the comb on the dark wood dresser. The room held three twin beds all with flowery sheets, a shelf were Mary Anne kept her books, one small table with a beautiful carving-according to Caitlin, but Sophie did not care for those things-and a closet were they kept their small amount of clothing. Besides that, their was a door (duh), a window (double duh) and ceiling and floor (how many duhs?)

"You know what I want." Sophie leaned forward, trying to control her anger. "Mrs. Raselti gave us a schedule on our first week, saying each of our chores for the time. And if I recall it's your turn to set the table." Sophie didn't blame her too much, the orphanage held approximately a hundred children, which made setting the loooooong table a bore. But that didn't mean she wanted to do it!

"So?" Mary Anne asked her voice giving away her boredom, she had dropped the comb and was looking longingly at the book she had been reading minutes before. "Why does it matter to you?"

"So? So?" Sophie just let her anger out and grabbed the nearest thing, a pillow-which was obviously taken from the messiest bed in the room, hers- and flung at her. Mary Anne ducked and dived behind the bed, grabbing her own pillow to use as a shield. Sophie held Caitlin's pillow high above her head and gazed at Mary Anne, confusion in her eyes. What had just happened?

What am I doing?

And then Sophie dropped the pillow and burst out laughing, the scene had tickled her imaginative side and she clutched her sides as she continued to laugh. Mary Anne turned her dark eyes on her and stared then joined the laughter, Before they knew it, they were rolling on the floor, clutching their stomachs with tears streaming out of their eyes. Sophie calmed down first and picked up her messy blanket and began to fold (she had pulled it down when she fell). Mary Anne got up and straightened the table she had knocked over.

"You better get down and set the table before the Cow gets you," Sophie said through giggles referring to Mrs. Raselti's nickname. Mary Anne nodded and hurried out of the room. Sophie stared at her retreating back in wonder. Did it take that little amount of time to convince her? Usually it ended with Sophie screaming and throwing things and Mary Anne screaming and dodging things, and Mrs. Raselti coming and restraining them and them getting punished and poor wittle Caitlin doing both chores. Oh, and a grumpy and tired Sophie being forced to share a room with Colette the orphanage brat since no one else shore a room with her as an extra punishment.

Sophie collapsed on the her eyes sore from staring at a blank wall (punishment) and her sides were stretched from laughing. She closed her eyes, promising to wake up in a few minutes, but she found herself sinking slowly in the hard mattress her eyelids drooping.

Sophie Mortimer had fallen asleep.

Mary Anne Mortimer skipped down the stairs, her thoughts on what had just happened. Her older sister had laughed, instead of screamed. Laughed! That was pretty creep and unusual, and her brain kept trying to make sense when she knocked on the door marked; Food is being made here! Stay out! Especially kids!

"Who eese there?" said a heavy accented voice, the voice belonged to Mr. Koles a man who had worked here for ten years, making him incredibly used with kids' passion for wreaking havoc, he only liked selected people, which included Mary Anne.

"It's Countess Mary Anne, Sire," she teased, referring to one of their inside jokes. She enjoyed working with Mr. Koles and cooking, but sometimes setting the table took an hour, and she really wasn't in the mood, for Anne of Green Gables had been getting good, Anne Shirley had been breaking a slate on Gilbert Blythe's head!

"Oh, Mary Anne!" The door was flung open to reveal a heavyset man, with a dark moustache and twinkling green eyes, the kids called him the Grouch. But Mary Anne called him her best friend. "I thought I was going to ask Colette to set table." He shuddered, no one liked Colette Rider, also known as annoying parrot. "Thank God you come Mary Anne."

She smiled and straightened her green blouse and tattered jeans, she had dark brown curls that ran past her shoulders and big brown eyes, she was basically the second prettiest of the family. Sometimes she wished had Caitlin's natural beauty. "Mr. Koles, I would never leave you in the evil clutches of Colette." He chuckled and placed ten plates in her outstretched hands. She pushed open the door with her rear end, and followed the path to the dining room. But before she could go through the door, the devil herself appeared.

"Speak of the devil, and the devil comes," she mumbled as Colette sprang in front of her.

"What?" Mary Anne shook her head. "Whatever. Mrs. Raselti wants you and your annoying sisters to come to the doorstep. Some hottie is waiting for you." Colette made an obvious pout, and flicked a black hair behind her shoulders. "He should be talking to me."

Mary Anne rolled her eyes, Colette was the ugliest girl at White Moth, with her fat face and small watery eyes and dry black hair, her most hideous feature was her nose, which had been punched several times by haters. But poor Mary Anne still needed to set the table, and since Colette was standing there...In one movement, Mary Anne had shoved the plates in Colette's fat arms, called a 'see you later!' to Mr. Koles and dashed the stairs to her room. Caitlin sat at the table in the room, her forehead creased in concentration as she gazed at her homework, she glanced up when Mary Anne ran in. White Moth had it's own school too, which made detention unavoidable. But Sophie was sleeping, her snores so loud, they could shake the walls down. She shook her older sister's arm, but she wouldn't budge. Caitlin watched with big eyes.

"Come help, idiot!" Mary Anne cried. Caitlin's eyes widened if possible, and rushed over. Together they shoved Sophie off the bed. She fell, her hair flying out of it's casual ponytail. Her snores had become whimpers, and Mary Anne shook her arm more then once. Finally, Sophie blinked open one eye and pushed Mary Anne away.

"What do you want?" the older girl groaned, pulling her dark brown wavy hair in a ponytail again, she turned her strange colored eyes on Mary Anne, who flinched a bit. Sophie had the strangest colored eyes, sort of a mix of brown and red, so when she scowled it was ugly. Caitlin smiled and picked up the sheets that had fell down with the twelve year old. The whole scene reminded her of the day her mother had died, four years ago. Mary Anne remembered it clearly.

It was the first day of school, Sophie just entering third grade as an eight year old, Mary Anne was starting second and Caitlin first. Mary Anne enjoyed learning so she had gotten up quietly, changing slowly. From her room, she saw her mother pass through the hallway to Sophie's room. Mary Anne remembered following her mother. Sophie had been snoring just as loudly, in her strangely insisted orange room, their mother had shoved Sophie off the bed, with Mary Anne's help. When that didn't work, their mother had tickled. Before they knew it they were in a huge tickling match, including Caitlin, who had come running out of the room, joining the contest. After this was over Caitlin giggled as she picked up Sophie's stray blanket.

"Sophie!" the youngest one had cried. "You can't leave this on the floor!" Being only six, she believed everything her mother said, which made her tidy up her room often.

"Watch me," Sophie said, as she tossed her pillow at Caitlin, the one that had fallen out of it's pillowcase. Caitlin had smiled big and done Sophie's bed, much to her mother's disapproval and Mary Anne's warns of 'she'll make you her servant!' Caitlin was too softhearted and at such a young age, she wanted to prove herself.

That day had finished when all three had come home and found their mother laying on the sofa in their small cottage, her heart having stopped beating forever.

When Mary Anne came out of her flashback, she saw Caitlin and Sophie looking over the first's homework. Sophie was laughing at her difficulty, but Mary Anne felt pity for the young fifth grader. She went over and sat down, Caitlin had seen her coming and thought she was going to help, but Mary Anne was far from it.

"We must go down," she said, "Mrs. Raselti told Colette and me that we had to come down, cause a strange boy is on the doorstep."

All three sisters stared at each other in confusion. No one had ever bothered to visit them, never mind considered adopting them. Was this their ticket out of here?

"Let's go!" Sophie grabbed her sisters' wrists and pulled them down the hallway and stairs. They ran through the playroom, detention room, and living room to the front hall. Mrs. Raselti stood their, all tall skinny part of her, with a boy. They were shaking hands and nodding. Mary Anne's jaw fell with a soft pop! This boy was a hottie! A total one! He was older, not too older but older. He had black hair and he looked part Asian, but his eyes were his best feature, working nicely with his broad shoulders and tall body. They were a dark purple with blue flecks in them, and Mary Anne made sure she counted the flecks, in case something happened. Mary Anne adjusted her two braids and she saw even Sophie straighten her old summer shirt and shorts.

Mrs. Raselti turned to them. "This young man requested time alone with you three, and I gave him permission. Head to the detention room, where you will be chatting, I must go attend to matters." And with that she was waking away stiffly. The detention room? No one has tea in there! Even Sophie's shoulders sagged at the thought of staring at blank walls. Caitlin grabbed the boy's arm and dragged him onward, with Sophie bringing up the rear. Caitlin stood in front of the door marked Punishment! , and with a soft ta-da! she pushed open the door. The boys' eyebrows shot up as they entered the room.

"Mrs. Raselti knows where to throw a party, doesn't she?" Sophie asked slyly, peeking at the boy from under her bangs. The boy stared at the four blank white walls that made the detention room, in the middle of each wall was a black circle where they stretched and touched their noses to. Sophie laughed whenever Mrs. Raselti changed the circle whenever she had grown. Mary Anne knew how this room looked, and had only experienced it once. So had Caitlin. Unfortunately, Sophie had experienced it more than a dozen times. But it wasn't her fault, she always claimed. It was the fault of all her victims, they knew not to provoke her.

Their was no chairs, so the boy sat on the cold bare floor. The rest followed suit. They all stared at him, all three hoping with every fiber in their being that he would be adopting today. He looked at the uncomfortably then said, "I'm Benjamin. But call me Ben if you must." They blinked at him, and then he said the strangest words a human can say.

"I know who you are. And we need you. You've got special powers."

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