His brown eyes see

Right into my soul

I have to look away,

Lest he notice my stare.

I like him more than I should,

Yet it is so easy to tell,

He doesn't feel the same

As I do.

I can't stand only seeing him,

Only every other day.

I look for him,

I dream about him

I think I might love him.

Yet my feelings are ignored

And I'm forced to dream

From afar, when I know

If he'd give me a chance,

I'd be more than enough.

The way his eyes light up,

The way he seems so focused,

The way he banters,

All of them attract me,

Like a moth to a flame.

I want him to like me,

I want him to acknowledge me,

Yet, I don't think he ever will.

So I look at him,

With my brown eyes,

And I plead for the day,

He'll see me for the first time.