i want to slowly integrate into your society.

i want to merge as you tear the midnight moon to pieces

with slivers of dandelion feathers.

i want to look back through the window and see your guitar lying on my bed.

see your violin resting awkwardly in your open guitar case.

i want to lie back on the shingles and let the wind whip my hair

around and around.


i want to see the day when i don't run from happiness.

i want to see flowers bloom and petals fall,

tangle with your hair.

tangle with my mind.

i want the paper stars to decide if they're going to stay or not.

i want to stop the scars.

clean up my arms.

i want to slowly integrate into your society.

i'm becoming incapable.

an: so, i'm alive. and thoroughly neglecting my shift key, apparently.

this was written... in april? yeah, i'm not massively fond of it. the middle, at least. the beginning and end i rather enjoy.

alright. it's time i brush off the ashes and delete half my work on here and start a(partially)new.

so. yeah.

a review for a review, always.

(here, have some cookies laced with peer pressure!)



(oh, as usual, this wasn't written romantically at first, but i got a lot of feedback talking about how love-esque it was. /tidbitofinformation)