Chapter 1

One afternoon Maggie is downstairs in Lauren's livingroom reading a book from her bookcake when Lauren comes downstairs Maggie looks up.

''hey kido what's going on?'' Lauren asks her

Maggie just shrugs reading.

''listen I have to go out tonight you sure you're going to be okay alone for a few hours?'' Lauren asks her

Maggie just nods.

''okay I might be home a little late because I'm going out with Matt is that okay?'' Lauren asks her

Maggie just nods again.

''hey what's going on why arn't you talking to me?'' Lauren asks her

Maggie just shakes her head ''I'm fine.'' Maggie tells her

''okay well I won't be late since I have a big day tomorrow.'' Lauren tells her

''oh right The Emmy's.'' Maggie says

''yea you okay?'' Lauren asks her

''just thought I would be able to spend the day/evening with you.'' Maggie tells her

Lauren just gasps and thinks ''oh sweetie you're right I'm so sorry.'' Lauren tells her

Maggie just shrugs ''it's fine.'' Maggie tells her

''okay.'' Lauren says

Maggie just scans her body and outfit.

''what?'' Lauren questions her

''nothing.'' Maggie says

''you don;t like the outfit?'' Lauren asks her

''no I do I do you look cute.'' Maggie tells her

''thank you baby.'' Lauren says

''but what are you gonna do about this?'' Maggie asks her

''about what?' Lauren questions her

''tonight and seeing Matt again?'' Maggie asks her

''I mean you haven't see or talked to him in forever have you?'' Maggie asks her

''what are you talking about?!'' Lauren questions her

''well since you're with Peter now I'm assuming you don't talk to Matt that much now?'' Maggie asks her

''I do!'' Lauren tells her

''we are still and will always be great friends and we still go out all the time!'' Lauren tells her

''and Peter understands?'' Maggie asks her

''yea of course Peter understands babe because he is a really great and caring guy who doesn't get jelous that I'm great friends with Matt!'' Lauren tells her

''okay.'' Maggie says

Lauren just looks at her.