Casey's all cupcake and no icing. She spoke the truth, and some people hated her for it; they called her rude and insensitive. She didn't care what other people say about her because she knew who she was and was never shy about it. She wasn't pretty, and she wasn't ugly too. She had long wavy brown hair; just like her mother, but she always kept it up in a pony tail, and she had pale green eyes. A lot of people say that she'd be so beautiful if she acted more like a girl…HAHA. How she laughed at these people.

Danny's funny, and was street smart. A lot of girls ran after him because he's absolutely gorgeous. He had rich, dark brown hair and electric blue eyes. Oh, and he can't see. He doesn't see himself as blind and he hates when people say sorry ever time they find out about it; he didn't want their pity. His best friend is his older brother Todd, even though he was a complete crap head sometimes.

Now, let's get to the story, shall we…

The sun was shining bright that day, but Casey was still stuck at work. She was tired of snooty housewives, bratty kids, and overly conscious teenage girls. She knew she had to stay and endure all these because she had to save up for a car. Her dad said that he'd help by paying half but she had to earn the other half. And that's how she ended up at the Topline Superstore, saying "Good morning ma'am I'm Casey, how may I help you?" again and again. The sales manager, Karl, who was probably at his early twenties, was watching Casey like a hawk because there was a costumer who complained about her "impoliteness" which Casey thought as stupid because all she said was "Do I look like a friggin psychic to you? If you don't want to tell me what you want then go away". And now, Karl placed her at the cereal section, sticking price stickers on every cereal box.

"Excuse me miss, but can you point where the coco puffs are?" a voice said from behind her.

Casey sighed "Are you blind pr something? It's right in front of you" she said not looking at the person.

"Yes, I am. So can you get it for me?"

Casey rolled her eyes and turned around. She stopped breathing for a second when she saw the guy. He was extremely handsome. Casey never saw anyone like him; it's like didn't fit in here. He belonged on T.V, not at the Topline Superstore, talking to a price sticker girl.

"Hello? Are you still there?" the guy asked. He wasn't looking at Casey when he said this. That's when she realized that he couldn't see.

"Yeah I'm still here. And no, I do not want to get your cereal for you. You get it yourself. It's three steps from where you are; just grab the first box you touch"

Danny smiled and did as the girl told her. He smelled the box just to check if the girl was telling the truth, and she was.

"You don't trust me" she said

"Nope. But thanks anyway. By the way, what's your name?"


"I'm Danny. See you around then" he joked

Casey laughed a bit and said "Yeah, see you around"

He felt his way through the shelves until he could smell his mom's perfume

"Danny, what took you so long?" his mom asked

"Oh, I had a hard time finding the one Todd wants. Hey Ma?"


"Can you teach me how to go here by myself?"


"I might need to buy something sometime, and none of you might be around to take me"

"Sure, love"

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