Are You There, Life?

Are you there?

Its seems like it's been a long time.

Yes it has been a long time.

Two years.


Do you want me back?

Of course I want myself back!!!

What could be any better than that?

I'm finally one person again!

It's been such a long timeā€¦.


Today I looked through my closet.

I threw out all the clothes that I wore when I was fake.

I took a pair of scissors and got to work.

On what?

New clothes.

Because they reflect your personality.

Yards of denim and leather.


I took a few minutes to run around.

Look at the grass.

Sit under a tree.

Ride my bike.

Draw a picture I thought would look good.

I went up to the highest point of my small town.

Where the sky meets the grass.

I ran through a field of dandelions.

All on my own.

I watched the sun set on summer.


My old life,

My old self,

I haven't been myself for so long.

It seems new.

Welcome to life.