Hatred Is A Passion Of Fire Against The Love Of Ice


"Hatred is the passion of fire as well as ice. But together they are love. Love is the key to our humanity, the truth depth of our soul, the true meaning of life." My English teacher, Miss. Marry countered to the class or in other words to me.

It's not my fault that god blessed me by giving a momentous mind and cursed me by having a foul mouth.

"No that's sex. Love is something that is nowhere near real. It's an excuse for a guy to get in a girls pants. The true meaning of life is having others brought to this life and in order to do that…you need sex." I retorted.

"Miss. Morgan! Principal's office now!" she merely shrieked.

"Alright !" I scowled, throwing my bag over my shoulder.

Mimicking the same scenario of the previous year.


I slammed the door shut when I reached the principal's office.

"What is it this time Miss. Morgan?" the Principal asked with a sheet of boredom that covered his face.

"We were arguing about love and sex." I said.

"Well then I don't understand. What is it that you have said this time?"

"She said that it's 'The true meaning of live' and 'The key to our humanity and depth of the soul'." I mocked and sarcasm spread across me.

"And what have you said?" he asked me, still bored.

"No such thing is love. It's an excuse for sex. And the true meaning of living." I replied.

"Hmmm." He said in a voice was plain. Not even bored. I mean…come on!

"Well Miss. Morgan I'm busy at the moment. A transfer student will be here any moment. Come back tomorrow or so to think of a punishment. Where you realize love does exist with no excuses." The principal informed me.

Yeah…right. I rolled my eyes when I heard the word 'punishment'.

The door creaked open and I turned to glare at who's interrupting.

"Sorry the secretary said I could come in…" the attractive stranger trailed off.

"That's aright I'll be over in a minute." The principal assured.

The stranger nodded and sat on the opposite seat that mine held.

The principal took glances between us and grinned mischievously at both of us.

"Actually Astrid…." The principal spoke my first name with a tone that had me on my edges. It was the first time he actually have spoken my name.

"Meet Roy Logsen. He will be under your responsibility for the whole school semester, and You'll be pared up in all classes till the end of the semester. After all this is the first week of school." The principal spoke.

Roy narrowed his eyes at me and he gazed at me from head to toe.

I knew he was the popular boy. First class.

Well I'm second class. Deal with it Rally. Oops I mean…Roy.

"I don't think that would be convenient Mister. Newel." Roy said in a refined tone.

"Nonsense…." Was the only reply from the principal.

This will be a prolonged semester.