The Tales of Celestia


Crius looked down upon Earth, saw the creatures go about their lives, and felt a stirring of longing in his breast. He turned to his wife, Clythia, and said, "Clythia my love, look at these creations. They are so wonderful. They take care of themselves, they are innovative."

"They are warmongers, restless, and made of much unease," Clythia replied in her musical voice. "Why do you admire them so?"

"We are rich with children, my love, but poor of a world."

"This is an old world already," Clythia said. She swept her hand over the sphere, and then suddenly smiled. "But it is a sustainable one."

Thus, the God of Man and the Goddess of Woman opened the veil and stepped into a separate dimension, bringing with them their children: Ilithyia, Goddess of the Afterlife; Melania, Goddess of the Arts; Cleisthenes, God of Earth; Treneus, God of Life; Idonea, Goddess of Love; Aemilianus, God of War; Lucretius, God of Wealth; Lalia, Goddess of Wisdom; Arethusa, Goddess of the Sea; and Akakios, God of Thieves.

"We don't want those beasts in our world," Clythia said, "those humans."

Crius agreed, but he wanted their forms, their free will. He and Clythia spent night after night, creating the races of their world, their Celestia.

First, they created the Faeries. Beautiful, mystical, powerful.

Second, they created the Elvians. Tall, intelligent, spiritual.

Third, the Elves. Beautiful, intelligent, dangerous.

Fourth, the Vampires were created. Powerful, savage, magnificent.

Fifth, the Dwarves. Intelligent, strong, thoughtful.

Sixth, they created the Werewolves. Smart, familial, natural.

Seventh, they created the Mermaids and the Centaurs. Mythical, beautiful, fleeting.

After seven nights, the energy that was left of their creating spilled over.

Clythia caught it in a cup and called for Ilithyia. "Take this life into the afterlife."

Ilithyia consented, but disobeyed her mother. From this deviation came the Reapers. Powerful, terrifying, and unrelenting. They raped the land and diminished the poor populations created by Crius and Clythia.

They ripped open the veils. Humans came from Earth, unknowing that they have left their own world. They conquered the land, cultivated it, and tamed it. They found the Elvians, the Elves, the Vampire, the Dwarves, the Werewolves, the Mermaids and Centaurs, and the Reapers. The Faeries fled to the holy mountains, forests, and ocean caves.

Crius and Clythia watched, with much sadness, as their children fought the children of Adam and Eve. And with much gladness, they celebrated their victory.

Clythia sealed all but one veil, her power too weak by this point for the last. She hoped the humans would return to their world. They did not, and soon they began to evolve under the influence of Celestia's magick.

"Our humans are much stronger than the children of Adam and Eve," Crius observed.

Clythia nodded. "We can only hope that they do not try to return home."

And thus, Celestia was whole.

Attempt at an Explanation:

Crius and Clythia are the God of Man and the Goddess of Woman who reign over the Holy Pantheon. When they came into being, Earth was already in existence (humans had only been in existence for a short time). They marveled at the ability for life to be able to survive, but they knew that this world was not theirs. By opening the veil, they are literally going into another dimension where the planet is the same as Earth, though not a mirror image (example, the landmasses are different shapes and sizes).

This fable is explanation of how things came to be in Celestia. The only "veil" still in existence is in the Bermuda Triangle. The legends of vampires and such came from Celestians seeping over into the world. In modern times, the governments of Earth and the governments of Celestia have made a pact to keep the veil guarded on the Celestian side. In exchange, Celestia receives many imports of technology from Earth (such as phones televisions, engines, etc.).

I don't expect everyone to understand. This is more to help me with finishing my world so that I can start my novel.