Respect is earned.

That is my firm belief.

Why should one treat one well, so well, when one has not earned it?—respect is not a hand-out; it's what one believes another deserves.

And yet you've earned it so well.

Yes, you, Sir, and you, Ma'am. You, Sergeant, you Lieutenant. You, my friend, and you, my master.

I wonder how you stand me, me and my mediocrity. My simple ness, my silence. You teach me, you talk to me, and you are very much sincere.

I will do as you please, and I will do it for you. You accept me. You work with me. You remember me.

I will meet your standards.

Every time I nod, mute; every time I fail, dumb; every time I crack my lips, for a hesitant smile—you take it, and ride on.

I will bear it all, for I respect you; and, even, to one point or another, in one way or another, love you.

To hell I go, if required.

For you.