Glauben-The beating heart bleeds with no remorse of its sins. Scarlet remains of the skulls are throbbing in front of his eyes. He corrodes, he screams, he writhes. In his cerebrum, the question, "Will this pain ever stop?", swims in his mind. He wipes the pouring blood from his punctured limbs and the question still remains. He awakens from a cold sweat; the burning sun cuts through his skin, disintegrating his cells one by one. He screams from the shearing pain coursing through every pore of his body; the agony splits his mind in two. The sakura tree petal fell on his face; he reaches out to the sky in a desperate attempt to regain his life and then… Darkness. Abyss. Abbadon. Blackness surrounded him and his life crumbled in front of his eyes. His last breath was one of disgust...or maybe, irony. He dies with a look of confusion, as is if he encountered déjà vu….Bloom once again.