Masamune-Shattered steel. Murder by weapon. 'Tis the code of the samurai. Blood is the rain of the ancient warrior and the art of assassins is their fire. Patience is their earth; standing on two feet as they rise with a vengeance. Agility and art of the sword is their air. They glide their blades into the armor of their enemies flesh and bone. Surrender to the samurai means their honor is tragically stolen from them. Honor to the samurai is all of the elements of this world in one. Honor is the lifestream of the ferocity stored in their souls. They defend their honor with their lives and with that, great sacrifice befalls them. The samurai sprays the enemy's blood on the dry ground. They fell to extinction, one by one. The final one, dishonor ripped from him, lays on the ground. His body on one side, his head on the other.