Dipped in my blood, the necklace fell from my grasp. My body shivers from the sheer cold in the midwinter. The necklace glimmers from the moonlight and I try to glance at it but, the car door pinned my legs to the tree and immobilized me. I hyperventilate as the bloodloss makes me dizzy and I lose track of my surrounding. I shouted her name in the wide road but, the only sound I heard was the echo of my death-stricken voice. Warm blood exited from my chest cavity and my esophagus swelled to the point of me not breathing. I throw up fluid in an attempt to gain breath but, the burning acid tortures me. I glance at the steering wheel and under it was a glass of whiskey. I chuckled a little as my heart slowly stopped beating. I reached for th e necklace and smiled my last smile.