Over-driven to insanity

"Confirmed crime scene: 2 dead bodies, both headshots. Executional style. Suspect confirmed, Mushibami, The killer's house is filled with prescription drugs. Hallucenagens, speed and coke stained the furniture and old cassettes are scattered on the hardwood floor." Puzzled, I come to the conclusion that the killer is not aware of his surroundings or current state of mind. He must have figured his way out using the escape ladder from the top floor…. My partner became worried about me. I touch the walls and the scent of the scene compels my sense of finding him. My body becomes cold as I touch the pills and visions of events come flooding my memory. My love…The man she left me for…My partner calls my name slowly, then frantically. I shake my head and try to regain my sanity as I am unaware of the gun I am pointing to at him. I smile and pull the trigger. His blood seeping from his chest; pure perfection. I touch the blood and scribble my name on his face. "Mushi…Bami…"