Tragic Start to a Good Ending

Welcome to my misery! What a spectacle, I must say! My charred life is put on display for all to say. With every glance, I die. Brought back to life was the shell of a man who's soul was slowly going mad inside. The writing on the walls shows clear the state I am in. I may write sins but, I don't write tragedies. But, oh well…who am I to complain? With my legacy put to an end, people actually give a thought about me. Was it because they pitied me? Was it because they wished death on me? I haven't the foggiest idea….. Damned I was from the beginning…… All I could say was, "Maybe I shouldn't…." The thought died as I tied the rope around my neck. A smirk of success was splayed on my face as I was lifted in the air like a cherry blossom. Now, that my life has ended, can you say that your life has just begun?