Undead Geisha

The cold stare from you chills my spine. Grey, black and red are the colors that shape your form. I regret the burning love I had for you as I struggle to move away from your gaze. Your eyes show of grief and sorrow from the pain of the dagger. Your head tilted; your pupils darkened, your skin, pale and cold, your coagulated blood caked on your wound. The kimono, black and white design with a pink sakura bud print, was torn and mutilated as your body was pinned to the wall. The smirk with a drop of stained blood was evil enough to make me cringe. I knelt down by your body, praying for your forgiveness. I touch your cold face and look in your inactive eyes as I hear breathing behind me. I close my eyes and I opened them but, you were gone. I felt a cold hand touch my shoulder and I scream as I see you smiling at me behind me, shoving a knife in my body.