Beyond the window
The sun shines bright and joyous
But no one is there

Slowly the leaves chance
Bursting with wild vibrant color
A last glimpse of love

Once there was a crazy girl at Thiel College
Who, at the chapel, made the bells peal
And the lights shine so bright
That the sun hid from sight
But once she'd gone, all thought her unreal

Phineas the Great came on the field
Just one look caused his foes to yield
It mattered not what game
All he did brought him fame
Until he drank and over he keeled

Once there was a big dog in the house
But then there came a small, mighty mouse
And battle they did, like
Soldiers and the brave Ike
Then master came home, they felt like louse

A/N: These are the haikus & limmericks I wrote for my poetry class.