You're floating on a rock,
crashing on a marble top,
don't know how everything's making sense,
but that's cause you're drifting through life.

Heads been falls apart,
brains crashing to mush,
misting away.

You're driving off the edge,
hitting up the curb,
but you don't mind,
cause when you're in denial,
you're drifting through life,
so ever so incautiously.

It's time to clear the fog away,
look into mirror,
see what you've been missing,
gunna say hey, oh baby,
wipe away those hazy eyes,
we're going to be okay,
oh yes I am going to be alright.

an: i couldn't finish this. at the end i lost my inspiration. i was gunna make this into a song, but there was so much going on to concentrate on that happening.