His body cracked like a whip, sliding to the side just as she landed where he used to be. He wasn't gasping, thankfully. If he'd had the time, he might have admired the way she moved, lithe and silent as a cat, or the way her hair arched behind her, maybe how she drew her knives as fast as a cheetah runs. But he didn't have that luxury, and so he ran toward the opposite end of the courtyard. The grass slapped his legs, stinging him, making sure he knew what he was doing.
When he turned around, she was still at the tree, watching him through hooded eyes. He laughed; of course she wouldn't have killed him.

"Why do you not use guns? You would've had me in seconds." He puffed.
Her smile was a just a little scary.
"Because guns are used by those too cowardly to face another."
His snort echoed around the walls.
"And jumping from trees like a monkey isn't?"
She placed her hands on her hips, knives and all.
"You had time to move, did you not? In the time it took for me to jump, a bullet would have killed you."
He blew a raspberry.
"If I had been human, perhaps."
She arched one golden brow.
"What are you, if not mortal?"
"I am...not going to tell you."
"Very nice. Thank you for that. I must say, that isn't going to make me kill you any slower." She responded drily.
He gazed around, searching the entire place for her purple encased body. He heard a tinkling laugh, and he growled.
To his right, in the long grass, there was a flash of brown.
"I can see you." he snarled.
A knife wrapped around his throat, a hand at his stomach pressing him back.
"Not well enough, I'd say." she breathed.
He froze, not daring to breathe.
"You are going to kill me now, right?"
She laughed, the air vibrating next to his ear.
"Now where would the fun be in that?"

And with that, she slipped away, disappearing. He groaned; some things are just never meant to be simple. He knew she was there, knew she was watching him.
But he wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of cowering, of running for his life. Instead, he searched for the door that the man had passed through, hoping, on the
off chance, that the man was still there, or that she wouldn't catch him before he killed the kid-killer.
"I wouldn't try it, if I were you." she was the wind, the air swirling around his head. He could never pinpoint her location, even when she gave it away.
He didn't head her warning, charging for the door on the far side.

He never made it.

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