You'll never know
what I forget,
and even the rest

But don't worry, 'cause you won't have to beg...
No, I'll be the one begging you,..

possessing—yes, aware
of how
and what
and of how more.


a perdu,
speak now for the times when you say I may not,
...casting your spell,
...making me leave,

...some four-limbed human swastika
–so?! auspiciously made—
...aposiopesis for the resurrected,

an aphorism...

A, Pensively Torpid Luddite
to The Rapt Reprobate:


Buy, and lose yourself believing
you're going somewhere...

It's just a matter
of Whose created space?


...Perhaps never
was not possible
to ably cause what lacks
Or cover her
with words of present sense
among creation of section.

Probably...not probably
when my caress compelled
...such absolute and fair simplicities.

Empirically expressed regret
to whom I regard the addle-headed,
that I should have remained silent.

But I tried
with an craven longhand, avoid and not be one.


Oh, so little I know you,
in endless jargon
of sleep and meet,

squaring us

–but object and its opposite–
and mutually made mistakes;..

...but I tried,
times were had...
and can't go through this anymore.