Beyond Closed Doors

By: Alyssa

Zoi was quiet. She kept to herself for the most part. No one actually knew who Zoi was. To everyone, Zoi was just that Goth girl no one liked. To Zoi, everyone was just those kids that made her who she was. She was never like this until 2 years ago. Her father went over the edge. He was driving down the road after work and caved under the pressure. He purposely swerved off the road and hit a tree. Zoi's dad didn't immediately die. He was in the hospital for 2 days until he finally passed away from blood loss. Zoi was devastated. Her mom became very depressed and started using drugs.

Life had just gone down hill from there for Zoi. Her only friend moved away. Her boyfriend cheated on her. It was a terrible time for Zoi and no one understood. No one even bothered to learn about her. Everyone just made their own assumptions about her. She was just like any girl. Zoi wanted to be noticed just as much as all the other teens. She couldn't help wearing black. She was in a dark place in her life. Zoi wore black, but she wore short skirts. She tried to look as hot as she could; just hoping some guy would notice her. She wanted someone who loved her.

Zoi was scared to put herself out in the world. She was afraid of what people would think. Zoi was just so terrified to get up in the morning, to walk around the corner. After what happened to her father, she would never be the same. She was afraid. No one accepter her, so she accepted no one. Zoi couldn't stand going to school everyday, but she did. She forced herself to get up, though she would've rather lain there all day. The only place she felt safe was in her room. Life sucked for Zoi right now. She just wanted some friends and a chance to say goodbye to her dad.

Zoi lay in her bed, thinking about how much she missed her father and how badly she wanted to get away from this house full of memories. She couldn't stand it any longer; Zoi grabbed her skateboard and ran outside. She put in on the ground and took off at the fastest speed she possible could. She almost fell off multiple times, but Zoi managed to stay on the board.

Zoi rode around the neighborhood for about an hour and went back inside her house. Her mom was home, sitting on the couch watching TV. Zoi waved and walked up to her room to continue her lying on the bed staring blankly at the ceiling. She was just thinking about how much she missed her dad and wanted a boyfriend.

Then Zoi remembered that in school today, she saw a new kid and it made her remember how much she hated it when she first came. Maybe this could be her time to make a friend. He was Goth too. Zoi thought his name was Arik, but she couldn't remember 100% positively.

Zoi began doing her homework. She had Algebra, Chemistry, and English. She was not looking forward to her senior year. Zoi did not want to go to school any more, but she was interested in learning more about Arik. The 2nd week on school was coming up on Monday, and she was glad that there was a new kid. Maybe she could finally have a friend. Zoi sure hoped he would accept her. He looked very lonely at school, so he probably needed friends just as much as Zoi did.

She finished her homework and turned up her music really loud. She didn't know many people who liked the kind of music she did. Zoi loved metal and juts about anything head-bang- worthy. No one knew who Zoi was. No one cared to learn. Zoi didn't care to learn who anyone was because everyone seemed to ignore her anyway.

No one, not Zoi's mom, not her teachers, not the kids at school, no one knew who Zoi was. She was a scared girl who loved her metal and just felt alone, but this is all hidden beyond closed doors.