I couldn't wait until morning to tell him. I needed to go now, he needed to know now. Once I regained myself, I forced myself out of bed. I ran over and turned the lights on and got dressed. I knew he would probably be asleep, but I didn't care. I would wake him up if I needed to.

I quickly ran over to his house; quicker than I ever had. My heart was racing, I was so scared. I didn't know how he was going to react, and in a way, I didn't want to know. I had no idea how he was going to react to the news of my pregnancy, but I was scared that he would react to my lying like he had in my dream. I was terrified that he would leave me, I had royally fucked up this time, I didn't know if this would be the last time, and that scared me senseless.

When I got to his house it had started to snow slightly and the winds picked up a bit. I ran up to the front door and slammed on it has hard as I could. I heard no movement inside. I knew that both Dale and Luke were quite heavy sleepers, so if no one came that meant no one was awake. But I needed to see Luke. I jiggled the handle multiple times, it wouldn't budge. I sighed to myself. I backed away from the house some and looked up to the window that was Luke's room. In that second, a devilish smile spread across my face. There was a tree right next to his window. Now, I was never a very agile person, but by the looks of the tree, it seemed easy enough for a girl my size to clime.

I walked up to the tree and put my feet on the lower branches and tried to hoist myself up. Luke's bedroom window was on the second floor, though the window itself wasn't all that high. I figure if I can simply knock on the window loud enough, he would hear me. And I also figured if I fell down, the snow on the ground would break my fall; hopefully.

I grabbed the closest branches I could reach, and with each branch I grabbed onto, I hoisted myself up more and more. Eventually, after ten minutes of clumsy climbing, I was at the height of his window. Carefully, I reached my hand out, trying my hardest not to slip off the branch. I could just touch the window, though I didn't know if from where I sat I could gather enough power to knock hard without making myself fall over. I figured I would try anyway though, I had to try. I hung by my hand on one branch and pretty much dangled myself with my legs and butt still on one of the branches. I wasn't strong, so I didn't know how long I could hold myself like this, if I could hold myself like this at all. I reached out and knocked on the window fairly loud, and I thought I heard someone move around inside. Though just as I tried to bring myself back up from dangling, my feet and butt slipped off of the one branch they had been stable on, and I was completely dangling from the top of the tree. "Oh, this can't be good for the baby." I said to myself quietly.

I wanted to scream, but I didn't want to wake up the whole town either. In the back of my mind, I had it in my head to attempt to knock on his window again, but I almost knew that if I did, I would fall. Though, I guess there wasn't much I could do in this situation, so I tried my luck. I reached out my hand, slower than ever, and quietly knocked on the window once more. With the only hand I was holding on with, I nearly slipped, causing a scream to come out subconsciously. And with that, I knew I heard someone inside. Luke's window swung open, and from the corner of my eye, I could see his face was almost in shock. "Mallory?!" He yelled confused.

"Oh, hey." I said way calmer than I actually was. He grabbed me and helped pull me inside. Once I was actually on solid ground again, I calmed myself. His room was dark so I knew he had been sleeping.

"So, should I ask or are you going to tell me?" He said with somewhat of a grin. He was sitting on his bed whereas I was seated on the ground. I looked up at him.

"I was just, you know, hanging around." I said with a bad pun, though he giggled. He got off of his bed and sad down beside me, and put his arm over my shoulder.

"Ok, wanna tell me the real reason now?" I looked at him, with hurt in my own eyes.

"I needed to talk to you."

"And it couldn't wait til morning?" I shook my head silently.

"No."I could slowly see the games and happiness fade from his expression.

"Mal, what's going on?" I turned away from his face. I couldn't handle seeing the pain in it.

"Luke, I'm really bad for you."

"What the hell are you talking about?" He said with some urgency in his voice.

"I keep hurting you. I can't bear to see you hurt because of me." He grabbed me and turned me in to face him.

"What are you talking about Mallory." I looked him straight in the face; I figured if I had to look at his pain, I would do it head on.

"I lied to you." His grip on me loosened. "About my pregnancy. I am pregnant." His face went blank, almost expressionless completely.

"Why..." His word trailed off as he lost his voice. He completely let go of me.

"I knew you didn't want a kid, and I just got scared. I didn't want to let you down."

"Mallory, you can't help it if you're pregnant or not. And either way, I'm sure I would have figured it out sooner or later, I mean you would have gotten bigger." His voice was suddenly really sweet and understanding.

"Wait, you're not upset I lied to you?" He sighed.

"I am. But I believe you lied to me for me." I stared at him dumbfounded. He smiled slightly. "What I mean is, you lied to me because you didn't want me to be unhappy. And even though you did lie, and it did hurt, you also came and told me the truth."

"So you don't hate me?" I asked quietly. He took my hands in his.

"There is not one thing on this earth that you can do to make me hate you. I will never hate you for as long as I live. I won't always be happy with you, but I'll never hate you. And I give you my life on that." I smiled.

"How in the world did I get so lucky to end up with someone as amazing as you?" He chuckled.

"I could say the same thing." I smiled so hard my face hurt. I bent in and kissed him. "Besides, I never said I didn't want a kid. I had just said not right now. But if right now is what's happening, I'm ok with that."


"As long as it's with you, really." He pulled me in and put his arm back around me. I leaned my head on his shoulder. "But, I have one condition." I lifted my head back up and looked at him.

"And what's that?"

"Marry me?" We both smiled at each other.

"Luke I--"

"Wait." He got up from where we sat on the floor and went over to his dresser and pulled something out. He lit a candle on his table to give light into the room. He extended his hand out at me, I took it and he pulled me up. But once I got up, he got down. On one knee.

"Mallory," I gasped and put my hand over my mouth slightly. When I was hanging on the tree outside his window, I had a lot of scenarios of how this night would end in my head. This was not one of them. "I love you with all of my heart. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to raise a child and family with you. So what if we're young? We've got each other. I just want you, Mallory, and all of you. Mallory, my love, will you marry me?" He held out a little velvet box to me, and opened it. Inside was an amazingly gorgeous ring lined with diamonds and silver, with a huge diamond right in the center. I was so happy that I could barely speak.

"Yes, yes, yes!" I nearly screamed towards the end. He stood back up and slid the ring on my little finger. I hugged him tightly while he hugged back.

"Are you happy?" He asked when we released from our hug.

"Happy doesn't even begin to describe what I'm feeling." He kissed me for a long while, then slowly moved me over to his bed. We both sat down; our hands were interlocked together.

"Sleep with me?" I smiled, kissed him on the nose and laid down on his bed. He too laid down and draped his arm around me. Outside I could hear the snowstorm throw around the little beads of snow like beach balls over a fan. And though it was frightfully cold outside, I was safe and warm wrapped in the arms of my fiancee, my love, my Luke. And on my finger, I could feel the little diamond, the reminded me that I was the luckiest girl in the world.