It was pouring outside as Michelle drove along the mostly empty road. The woman found herself wishing she never left the house after seeing that weather report.

The path started to curve to the left. Michelle turned the steering wheel, heading in that direction.

As the car accelerated, it began to veer to the right. The wheels were slipping on the wet tarmac ground.

Michelle rotated the steering wheel left and right, trying to regain control of the car. The automobile seemed to have a mind of its own as it went her opposite way. It promptly slid off course and into the woods. In these woods, there was a small hill. The vehicle roved down the hill, a panicking Michelle bouncing in her seat as she drove over rocks and everything else that caused the bumpy ride.

Fortunately, Michelle got the car to stop before it could crash into anything. Unfortunately, however, when she attempted to back out of the area, the vehicle would not budge. When she pressed down on the pedal, the wheels would just slide along the slippery ground. Looking out the windows, she realized that she was surrounded by trees. That ended any thoughts of turning around.

Fishing into her purse, Michelle pulled out her cell phone. She looked through her contacts list and pressed the dial button when SecureNet was highlighted. Over the phone, she went through a series of menus before connecting with the operator she wanted.

"Roadside assistance, how may I help you?" a woman on the other line greeted. Michelle gave her full name, vehicle ID, and SecureNet ID, then told the operator what happened. "We'll send a truck over there to winch your car out. Anything else? Do you need a tow to a mechanic?"

"No, thanks."

"Well, someone will be there in a few minutes. Hope you have a great night. Goodbye."

About fifteen minutes later, bright headlights reflected from the rear view mirror. Flashing yellow lights could also be seen. Something was soon connected to the back of the car.

Eventually, the car began to move. Slowly, it made its way up the hill.

In her mirror, Michelle saw the headlights behind her getting closer and closer. The side windows provided a watery view of the dark woods moving forward in slow motion.

When the car was safely on the road, Michelle opened her window. The man who helped her stood beside the door, wearing a raincoat and holding a clipboard.

"There you go, Michelle," he said. "You're back on the road."


The man stuck the clipboard through the window.

"Sign your name here." Michelle did so and let him take the clipboard and pen. "You have two more free services. Have a nice night."

Once the man was in his truck, Michelle resumed her trip.

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