I can't say that I'm much of a believer,
I just don't see the point,

Many Has asked me why,
and I just simply say, Why?
why would a god who spent his time, his power to create
such a wonderful world,

only for it to be destroyed by his own creation,
and they replied because he is merciful, and loves us all
he will always forgive us if confessed by pray.

I didn't see the point,
If someone can simply asked to be forgiven,
just through pray,
then they are surly to commit the sin again.

They also tell me that you can pray,
for hope, love, happiness and to cure the sick,

I still couldn't believe it,
however hard I tried,
until one day, when I saw her pray

She was on her knees,
her eyes shut tight,
her heart open wide
as she told him what's inside

"Oh please my lord, give her one more day, please
let my sick Nan say what she needs to say before you
take her away"
that was what she prayed

and then it happened...the miracle happened
the girls Nan was well, she was laughing and joking
living life young again, chatting to her granddaughter
all that women do.

I could not believe this,
this could not be true
but the girls prays had been answered.

Despite the girls Nan still passed away,
the girl was still happy, she prayed again to say thank you
and she knows her Nan is somewhere better.

I sat down that night,
and began to question my own faith,
maybe there is someone out there watching over you
to keep you safe.

and it was all because,
of the day I saw her pray...