I turn out the lights and walk down the darkened hall
I know it well, so I never fall
I avoid the creaking sections of the floor
it's a path I know by heart
If you were to blindfold me and have me walk
to the end of it from the start
I could do so with arms at my side
and confidence in my stride
I have walked this walk too many times
when I get to my destination,
the click of a lighter, the flare of a flame
smoke shown by the moons illumination
my habit, my curse, my destructive track
had I known way back when I started that it would come to this
I would have hesitated If maybe for that extra second
But back then, I didn't want to live, back then, I wanted to fit in
My parents did it; my friends did it, and I felt I needed to be punished
so I suffered through the first few months until I got used to it
I grew to like it, and then to love it
always thinking I could drop it at any time
always thinking it was just a bad habit
but it turned into addiction without me even noticing
I quit once, on a dare, before I knew that I'd be here
where I am now, and started again
I quit again just last year for a couple months
I learned how hard the withdrawals can hit
I didn't last, though, and when I broke up with my girl
I went right back to what I knew
so here I am again...
I turn out the lights and walk down the darkened hall
I close my eyes and imagine a time when I won't fall
back into this vice that has gripped my life
I'll avoid the creaking sections of the floor
Find my way to the door
and fly from this curse like smoke upon the air