Made: Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Time: 9:28p.m


The gun flies from hand to hand
As I wonder if I really can

Though the question isn't "can I still?"
The question is "do I have the will?"

Bang, bang

Nobody would stop me, you know
I could do it right now, you know

Would anyone even miss a thing?
I bet the world I was just a fling

Bang, bang

Surely, you're not suggesting I'm dumb
But my nerve has run me numb

"You can live to be such a great girl"
Like my life matters to the small world

Bang, bang

Just another story for the news
A pity that girl missed her cues

And those who pushed me to this
Will always cry the loudest

Bang, bang

So I smile as I push the gun to my chin
The world says, "Here we go again"

The bang resonates, I drop the gun
This is it, everybody, I'm finally done