Hi people of fictionpress. Thank you for all of your support. For all those who have been reading my story, thank you very much. I am sorry to tell you that this will be the last chapter. I know it may be a bit short but this is actually going to be a series. So this is just Book 1. So it's kinda like PJO too except different. Anyway, thanks again and I'll post Book 2 soon. And don't mind the ninja anime stuff. I'm just a big fan of Naruto and anime and ninjas. :) So thanks a lot and I hope you enjoy the ending of Adventures of a Female Demigod. - tentenlovespandas

We went back to base. I opened the door to see that figure again. Gale! Oh how I missed him. Sakuya and I immediately hug him and he manages a smile.

"Gale! We missed you so much." we both said in unison.

"Oh hi Sakuya. I didn't know you came all the way here from Tokyo. Hi Rose!." he smiles again.

Oh I really missed him calling me that.

Sakuya nudges me in the elbow and I know what it means.

"Gale, I think we need to talk with you." I brought Gale and Sakuya with me. "In private." I glared at the others and they groaned in annoyance.

We walked to the cabin without speaking a word. It began to rain and we hurried back to avoid getting colds. The moment we shut the cabin door, Sakuya said. "Gale, it is time."

"Time for what?" he asked with a confused expression.

"Pick one of us. Me or Rosalind. It's time you chose one girlfriend Gale."

There was dead silence again. Gale took his time. He went out of the cabin for a while. When he came back, he was drenched from the cold wet rain. In his hand was a white glimmering iris flower. He went near me and I began to blush furiously.

"What did I tell you Rose. It looks really pretty on you." he smiles back at me.

I look at Sakuya and she's smiling too. She's not angry or sad at all. Gale picked me. I'm so happy but that just left me wondering...

"Why did you break up with me in the first place?" I asked beginning to find it suspicious.

"Well...uhh...you see um I was actually worried about you. I actually take dangerous quests and I thought you might insist on coming and I did not want to lose you..." he said.

He broke up with me to protect me. He likes me. He loves me.

"Well you should know I would not go down that easily." I poked him.

"I knew that it's just after what happened with the minotaur I got scared." he slammed his lips on mine. This kiss made me happy. I think I was the happiest person on earth right now.

3 days later...

It's Raine's 11th birthday today. I was able to find a cute present for her. A ninja stuff toy. Gale got her a bag full of anime DVDs. He said she watches them all the time.

We decorated the cabin with a ninja theme. Shuriken-shaped balloons, a birthday cake shaped like a scroll and anime posters. It was a supposed to be a surprise party. While waiting for Gale to get Raine, I noticed someone was missing. Logan.
Where could he be on Raine's special day? It was too late before I could find him. Raine came in through the front door not looking surprised at all.

"Sorry guys. She knew we'd give her a party." Gale said.

"Awwwwwwwwww man...." we all said.

"How did you know?" Sophia asked.

"I'm a ninja. I have a sixth sense. Hey where's Logan?" she asked.

"We don't know." I said sadly.

We let her make her birthday wish and open her gifts. Then Logan made a dramatic entrance through the back door.

He went in front of Raine and brought something out. A heart locket.

He said "Happy birthday Raine."

He opened the heart locket and continued talking " In this locket is a picture of you and me. This is a symbol that you're always in my heart. You're my family now. Happy birthday Raine."

"Thanks Logan." she blushed.

We played games and had lots of fun. Before the party ended, a man wearing a black helm came in through the door. He was holding a staff and black flames surrounded him.

"Dad?" Gale said astonished. So this man was Hades, Lord of the Underworld.

"Hey son. Came here to say happy birthday to your sister. " he announced unenthusiastically.

"But she isn't even a demigod of yours. She's just my foster sister."

"I know but she's family too right?"

Hades gave Raine a skull necklace with red eyes.

"Uh...thanks?" Raine didn't know what else to say.

"Yeah sure sure whatever. Anyway, Ares told me to tell ya guys congratulations. He was so proud of you guys that he even asked me to give you an extra little present."

Hades stepped aside and someone came in. It was him.That blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Orland. I missed you sooooooo much. I thought you were dead." Sophia ran over to him and cried tears of joy.

"Nice again to see you Sophia. Hello Rosalind." he smiled at us.

I started crying tears of joy too. My best friend is back. I guess Ares wasn't that much of a bad god. Everyone was happy. Even Chase and Erinn. Erinn decided to quit being a Hunter to be with Chase. But Artemis still allowed Erinn to hunt with them whenever she wanted to. How did I know about this? Well I heard a lot about it in camp. Rumors spread quickly here you know.

When the party ended, I went for a walk. I sat down on a bench and recollected memories about when I knew I was a demigod compared to when I thought I was normal. Sure it's hard and sad to see people die but otherwise it's just awesome.

"Hey." Beside me on the bench was a lady wearing a dark green dress. She wore a crown of roses and she had her long brown hair braided like mine. And she had the same green eyes as mine. I couldn't help but ask "Mom?".

"Hi Rosalind." she hugged me.

"Not so tight."

"Oh sorry did I hurt you?"

"Nah it's fine mom."

"Anyway Rosalind. Congratulations on your first quest."

"Thanks for everything. Including Full Moon, the locket and Carrot."

"Oh so you named that bunny Carrot. Well take care of her."

Then a cellphone rang. Demeter brought out her BlackBerry and began talking on the phone. She started getting angry and crashed her BlackBerry on the sidewalk with her foot.

"Uhh....Mom what was that for?" I felt kind of awkward.

"Oh. Nemesis was just telling me to hand you over. And she said if I did that, she would kill all the polluters in the world. As if I'd hand you over."

We began laughing and went around camp.

"Sorry sweetie. But I have to go somewhere. I'll see you soon."

And she disappeared in the breeze. My adventures won't end here yet. There's still Nemesis and all. I'll get past all those and manage to survive through it all. After all, there are much worse adventures to be in.

Thank you. End of book 1. If you want more, read Book 2 when it comes out. :)