Daddy's Girl

Chapter 3: Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Liam exhaled loudly, plopping down onto the leather sofa in the lounge. He put both hands over his face and shook his head. He had never seen her fully naked. Well, not that close up at least. He tried to think of other things, but his mind refused to wander from her body. "Ffffuck…" he hissed. He began to reach for the television remote, but he felt a vibration in his pocket, followed by the familiar business ring tone that meant Mr. O'Connell was calling.

"Yes, Sir?" Liam always used that as his greeting to his employer. "Yes, Sir. Yes, she's fine, Sir. I know, Sir. There was a setback, yes. Yes, they wanted to breach contract. I kindly reminded them who they were working with." Liam chuckled. "Thank you, Sir. Oh? By what time?" Disappointment showed across the young man's face. "I'll tell her. Yes, Sir. Yes, you too, Sir." He closed his phone and pocketed it.

'Well, there goes my dinner plans,' he thought. 'Oh well. I guess this is just a sign.' He pounded his fist on the table. 'Damn it to Hell! Liam, you're so stupid.' After sitting on the sofa, stewing in his anger, Liam stood. He began walking toward the door, adjusting his tie and jacket. He needed to just focus on his job…

Moira was laying in a patch of faux clovers, her hair draped over her back, with a mound of fake gold coins piled onto her rear. The backdrop had been painted to look like a rainbow was ending right at the coins. Between the shutter clicks, she asked Charlene, "Why could we not do this earlier?"

Charlene peeped at Moira from behind the camera. "For one, the client didn't ask for this. Secondly, Liam had to convince us, remember? Don't think I didn't see him reach for his gun. He's not right, Moira. I think he's touched, personally. You should request a different guard, sweet pea."

"Shut your fucking mouth!" Moira snapped. She plucked one of the coins off of her rear and chucked it at Charlene's head. "You stupid bitch! Liam is one of the best people my father has! And unlike the other boys- unlike YOU, for that matter- he actually gives two shits about my happiness!"

"Moira!" Charlene gasped. The coin had struck her right above the eye, but wasn't hard or heavy enough to do any sufficient damage. "You have NEVER talked to me that way! How dare you?"

"How dare YOU! You have absolutely no right to talk shit about Liam!" Moira stood, stomping toward the dressing area. "I'm done. Fuck you, Charlene." She snatched her clothes from Charlette's hands, quickly putting them on hurriedly.

"Momo, calm down… Lene, she doesn't watch her mouth sometimes. She don't mean anything, really… Please," Charlette attempted to plead with Moira. Charlene tottered over, grabbing Moira's arm again. This time, in her rage, Moira pulled a .38 from her shoulder holster. Charlette shrieked. "Mo! Stop it!"

"Take… Your fucking… Hand… Off of me…"

"MOIRA!" boomed a loud voice. All three women turned their faces toward Liam. He strode over, taking her arm, then removing the .38 from her hand. "Moira, you know better… Damn it, you know better…" He gazed into her eyes for a moment. He noticed her pale skin, her unnatural aggression. "Fuck… Did you not notice her getting pale?!" he screamed at the twins. He fumbled around inside his pocket and produced a packet of raw sugar. "Mo? Moira, look at me! Here," he said, tearing the packet open and handing it to her. She glared at him, at the sugar, at the twins. "Moira, please? You know if anything happened to you I- uh… I mean, your daddy would be very sad…"

She spat at Charlene's feet, turned, took Liam's arm, and began walking away, pouring the sugar into her mouth. Liam made her wait by the door as he turned to go talk to the terrified twins.

"Charlene, you know she's hypoglycemic. Just, forget about anything she said, ok? But you two should've known when she started showing signs that her blood sugar was dropping. She didn't mean anything she said," he explained. Charlene looked as though she was about to argue, but Charlette put her hand over her sister's mouth and nodded. Liam made his way back over to Moira and escorted her to the car.

Moira was quiet the entire 35 minute ride back to her apartment. She took a piece of hard candy from her purse and sucked it, trying to bring her blood sugar levels up. Liam offered to turn on her favorite CD, but Moira shook her head and stared out the window. As they arrived at the apartment building, Moira opened her own door, stomping into the building, before Liam even had the car in park. He ran after her once he had turned the vehicle off, and gently took her arm.

"You want to have a nap? Or would you rather me just fix you some food?"

"Peanut-butter chip pancakes, please," she replied, laying on her couch. Liam smiled and headed into the kitchen. Moira rubbed her temples, sat up, and took off her jacket and shoulder holster. "I can't believe that bitch had the nerve to say all of that," she muttered to herself. She kicked her boots off and relaxed on the couch, still grumbling.

"You okay in there Missy Mo?" Liam called.

"Ugh, you know I hate being called anything to do with Miss or Missy," she answered. "And I suppose I'm fine. I just couldn't believe the gall of that stupid-"

"Calm down. Don't even worry about it."

"You didn't even hear what the bitch said!"

"Actually, I did. I heard everything. It doesn't bother me, it shouldn't bother you."

"Well, that's a fine thank you! Dick!" She heard a clash in the kitchen.

Liam stepped into the doorway, looking cross. "I shouldn't thank you for almost ruining your career, almost committing a crime, and almost costing your father his daughter, all for my sake!" He turned and went back to cooking. "And I don't want to hear your arguments either!"

A long silence passed and Liam finally returned, platter of pancakes and syrup on hand. Liam sat them in front of Moira on the coffee table and handed her a fork. "You have a job at 9 tonight," he said, taking off his jacket and slipping his shoes off. He sat across from her in the recliner.

"Why do you always dress up? It gets old. I never think suits are sexy anymore. You ruin all my fun, Liam," she pouted through a mouth full of pancakes. "What do you mean I have a job at 9? Another shoot?" Liam shook his head. "Oh… Brief me." She sat her plate on the table and leaned her elbows on her knees.

Liam sighed and lifted the recliner's lever. "Alphonse Lefevre. Borrowed approximately $1,450,000 from your father in order to build-"

"The Lefevre Suits."

He nodded, continuing, "Your father contacted the French bastard, asking when he would be repaid for his generosity. Lefevre does not intend on repaying your father."

Moira's eyes darkened straight from ice to navy blue. "Nobody screws us… I'll take care of it."

"I'm not done!" Moira had already started to stand. "Your father wants a clean kill. You're going under the guise of call girl-"

"WHAT?! I haven't done that since I turned 19!"

"Look, Alphonse is a freak and he thinks you're a 17 year old call girl… You're to show up at 10 'til. Like I said, keep it clean. He'll have two guards there, so be careful how you speak and how you act. While you're there… Loot what you can to make up for that lost money."

"And where will you be?" She stood, her hand on her hip and her expression unreadable.

"I can't go with you… Your father forbid me to. He said this is YOUR job, and that you have to go by yourself." Liam couldn't look at her.

"I see. Go home," she ordered. Liam stood, but took her hand. She looked from his hand to his face. "I gave you an order, Liam."

"I don't have to leave you alone until 8:45, Moira." He looked imploringly down at her. "Why've you been so mad at me today?"

"I haven't."

"You have."

"I don't have time for this. Neither do you."

Anger mixed with pain filled Liam's eyes. "Fine. You can stay pissed off at me for all I care. Cook your own fuckin' food from now on." He kicked the coffee table over, making a mess. "I'll be in the spare bedroom, if you even care."

"Such a mother fucking drama king!" Moira growled. "I'm not picking this up! You still work for me!" She stomped her foot. "LIAM!"

"Fuck you." The guest room door slammed and the stereo inside turned on. Moira began cleaning the mess out of her living room floor.

'Jackass… He's so weird lately. I haven't been mean. FUCK! There's syrup in the carpet now…' She went to get a wet cloth to clean up the syrup. 'I mean, really. What bug has been up his ass lately? He's acting worse than that time I dated Joey McCord, senior year.' She sighed. Liam stayed in his room, listening to music.

At 6:30, Moira knocked on the door. The music was finally off, but there was still no answer. She rolled her eyes and shouted that she was going to get ready. After waiting three minutes for him to answer, she walked into her room and closed the door, showering and making herself look pretty for her job. She had just finished clasping her necklace on when there was a knock on her bedroom door.

"Yes, Liam?"

"Open the fucking door, Moira," Liam replied weakly.

She did as he said for once and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Look, I'm sorry, ok? It's just… I've kind of been under a lot of stress lately, and not getting much sleep. And I want you-" he lifted his eyes from the floor and saw her for the first time as she was.

"You want me?" Moira asked, her eyes conveying how shocked she was.

"No! No! I meant I want you to be careful! I didn't mean… WANT you." Liam's face was bright red. Even his ears were a brilliant shade of pink. "Not… Not that you don't look great right now…" he admitted, letting his eyes roam over her entire body. She was dressed in a thigh-length, form-fitting, deep purple bodysuit. Yes, a bodysuit. Moira rarely wore dresses, especially for jobs.

Her long hair was in a ponytail with multiple bands sectioning it off, and instead of letting it hang down behind her, she had it pulled over her left shoulder. It looked kind of like a caterpillar, Liam noted with an inner chuckle.

She had just enough make-up on to make her look like a teen that didn't really know how to properly apply make-up. Her one clasp necklace looked like she was wearing about seven. The one thing that made Liam do a confused double-take was the giant fake diamond ring on her left middle finger.

She noticed him staring at it. "Li, don't you know? Diamonds are a girl's best friend." She flashed him a mischievous smile and thanked him for the compliment. "C'mon. You have a house to take me to."