Just a few verses about a very short-lived crush. I wrote it in November, and completely forgot about it until now.

This is magic
Here in your car.
The conversation's so good, but we're not very far
From the exit,
The end of our song,
And by the end of this road, I'll have waited too long.
And I'm sorry
For this quiet mess,
But by the end of your world,
Tonight won't be anything less.

This is endless,
And I'm out of luck;
Even though my tongue's tied, I'm still saying too much.
I think I'm lying.
I think you are too,
'Cause if this is the truth, it's too good to be true.
Don't ignore me,
Just stay and wait.
All it takes is one look
To know what I'm trying to say.

This is madness,
And I can't explain
Why the end of the world leaves me feeling this way.
Are you sorry?
Are you even sure?
From the look on your face, I'm still a bit too obscure.
Keep it quiet,
And if it's all too queer
You can just take the next left
And follow this mess out of here.