Spark POV

I'm getting married.

I ask myself why would he want to marry me though.

People spend or should I say waste their time saying how I am to immature for Vlad, how I'm not right for him. We are only four years apart, not much a difference. Oh and excuse me for not being a boring old hag, not that I have anything against boring old hags, I'm just not one of them.

Its not that I'm being immature, I am mature for the important things. I'm Twenty-Three years old engaged to Vladamir Simone who just turned Twenty-Seven. You know I never thought I'd fall in love with my best friend. I met Vlad when I was Nineteen and he was Twenty-Three. At first I couldn't stand him, he was just a humongous thorn in my foot. I still remember how we met, and I don't think I will ever forget.


Spark at nineteen was not much of a party person, especially if the occasion was a baby shower. Right now she was furious at her mother for forcing her to come to this baby shower. So she decided to piss her mother off by sitting alone at a abandoned table. Spark had her arms crossed over her chest with a scowl on her face as she watched everyone dance.

She didn't really know anyone at this party and didn't care to. Just as she was about to get up and stick her finger in the cake, someone decided to take a seat across from her. She had to admit he was very handsome. He was the epitome of Tall, Dark and Handsome. Shaggy black hair you know run-your-fingers-through worthy, very chiseled facial features straight nose, full lips, and the most beautiful hazel eyes. And his semi-tight shirt let Spark know he was in very good shape.

Spark wanted to know why this handsome guy would want to sit with her, the ugly duckling.

"Is this seat taken?" he asked.s

"Now it is," Spark replied.

He smiled showing off his luminous white teeth.

"I'm Vladamir Simone, what's your name?"

"Not interested," she replied.

"Ok , so are you enjoying the party 'not interested' ?" he asked.

"Well I'm sure there is a scowl on my face, so yeah I'm having a hoot." she replied dryly.

Vladimir smiled while standing up, Spark finally thinking he gave up until he spoke,

"I'm going to get something to drink would you like something 'not interested'? "

"No thanks "she said.

Vladimir stood and made his way to the refreshments table. He had been warned by a couple of guys about that girl and to not try anything, but when does he ever do what he's told? He finally reached the refreshments and waited for the lady to finish getting her drinks. She turned to face him,

"Ah you must be Vladamir, why you look just like your mother." she gushed. Something about her reminded him of someone.

"Yes, that would be me, and who might you be miss?" he asked politely.

"Oh I'm Martha, one of your mothers closest friends, I came here with my daughter Spartacus." she smiled "Yes I know odd name don't ask, she should be around here somewhere, Ah! There she is sitting all alone with a sour look on her face." she pointed. Vladamir turned and averted his eyes to where Martha was pointing, but already knew who she was talking about. With a devious grin on his face he excused himself and with hid drink in hand made his way to the girl.

He had to admit she was a piece of work but was very beautiful nonetheless even with that scowl on her face. She had long brown hair that reached passed her shoulders, big brown eyes, a button nose, and luscious pink lips. She was very adorable to him,

"Hello Spartacus," he said with a grin.

Spark's face immediately went fro scowl to shock, right now she could resemble a fish out of water. Her mouth agape and eyes as wide as saucers.

"H-How do you know my name?" she finally asked with an exasperated sigh.

"Ah, I had the pleasure of meeting your mother," he replied with a smirk.

"Please, please call me Spark, I hate my full name." she said while rubbing her hands over her face.

"Ok, Spark it is." he said happily.

Spark looked at him oddly,

"So your not going to poke fun at me?"

"No, I like your name, I find it extremely unique and sort of cool," he said.

Spark could see the honesty in his eyes which made her smile a bit.

"Oh goodness, I hate it, it's very embarrassing my mom had this huge obsession crush on Kirk Douglas, ever since she saw him in the movie Spartacus. So when I was born she went a little insane and totally ignored the fact I was a girl and named me that, and my dad had no choice but to agree." she said.

"Mothers do tend to go insane after a while, I'm going to have to see that movie, hopefully I don't end up having and obsession crush on Kirk Douglas." he said laughing a bit.

Spark chuckled and found herself enjoying Vladamir's company. So when the party was over she was a bit sad, she really enjoyed talking to him. Apart from him being really handsome, he was also very funny and sweet something she wasn't use to. As she said her goodbye and stuck out her hand, he took it but instead of shaking it he brought it to his lips,

"It was a pleasure talking to you Spark, and for the record you look nothing like Kirk Douglas." he said.

End Flashback

Back to Spark POV

I spent all day today with wedding plans since you can't count on men to do anything, especially not a certain male by the name of Vladamir. These few months have been pretty hectic. Whoever said weddings are fun, must have never planned one. I was researching where to buy the bouquet flowers but decided to call it a night, it was three a.m. and I was dead tired. I must look like a very attractive raccoon right now. I got dressed in my pj's and got into bed. After a few minutes I finally slipped into a dreamless sleep.

``~``~Later on~``~``



"Spark wake up," someone whispered.

"Spark…Spark…Spark," Ok this person was really starting to annoy me, now they were shaking me. I decided to ignore this handsome but annoying someone.

"Spark I know your awake, or having dirty fantasies about me, whip cream included." Oh, the sick annoying bastard caught me, well no use in pretending now.

"Whadaya want Vlad," I mumbled into the pillow.

"Come on Spark I got a surprise for you, so get you cute big tush up," he said while shaking me some more.

"No, show me some other time please." I said.

"Please Spark, I promise you will love it, please, come on princess." he said, he would not leave me alone.

"No go away," was my short response.

"Spark get up!" he yelled sounding annoyed, whatever.

"Vlad, please I went to sleep very late, I am very sleepy. Show me some other day." I said with a frustrated sigh for dramatic effect.

"No Spark, come on! We always do things your way. Once please just do what I want, trust me it will be very worth it." he said sounding cheerily.

I decided to ignore him, maybe he would let it go give up and leave. After a few minutes I heard no sound, maybe he finally got the hint and left. I decided to let myself fall into a slumber.

But then suddenly I made a huge thump and came in contact with the carpet. Oh no he didn't! did he just really pull my feet so hard that I fell on the carpet, which now my breasts hurt. That jerk!

"Ugh! What the hell Vlad?" I shouted and looked at him, more like glared.

He stood there towering over me with a straight face. I saw the corners of his mouth twitch, I know he wanted to laugh.

"Get dressed Spark, we are leaving in Twenty minutes." he said while making his way to the door.

"No! I said I'm not going Vlad you can't make me!" I shouted frustrated. Ok maybe I was being a bit of a brat. Ok a big brat, but I was a brat deprived of her sleep, what do you expect?

"Stop being so immature Spartacus and just please do what I ask!" he yelled. Now he was mad, he was using my full name, not good because Vlad hardly ever called me by my first name or hardly ever got mad at me. Why is he angry anyway? He wasn't the one pulled off his bed.

"Immature? Vlad I haven't had a descent night of sleep, I have been busy planning the wedding with hardly any help. So excuse me if I don't want to see whatever stupid thing you want to show me!" I exclaimed.

He was silent, his face was emotionless, I couldn't tell what he was feeling at all.

"For one it's not stupid, secondly I told you to ask for help but your to immature and stubborn to ask, thirdly I was only thinking of you, and lastly if this wedding is too much for you to handle then maybe you shouldn't waste your time." he said in a deadly low voice.

I couldn't believe he just said that. Did this mean he didn't want to get married anymore. Just because I didn't want to see what he wanted to show me right now? How could he be so cruel! Did he just break up with me?

" Are you calling off the wedding?" I asked, I could feel the tears begin to fill my eyes.

"I suppose, it seems we are not seeing eye to eye. I mean you can't even sacrifice your oh so freaking precious sleep for me, your not even considering me, maybe it's best." he said.

I couldn't hold the tears in any longer, they just started spilling out. I can't believe he just called off the wedding, for the stupidest reason. This couldn't be happening right now I must still be asleep. Maybe he didn't want to marry me in the first place, what the hell is going on? I couldn't take seeing him through my blurry vision any longer, it hurt so much because I loved him so much.

" I guess we should, since it seems to me you don't want to marry me and you don't love me any longer, so just go." I said in a shaky voice.

I looked up at him, and he stared at me for a while before turning and heading to the door. Even though I begged him with my eyes to stay. When the door closed gently it was Seven-Forty am. Wow all that happened in less then an hour. My life ended, my love walked out on me in less then an hour. I walked and sat down on my bed clutching my chest, it hurt so bad. I laid down and cried the tears would just not stop coming. And a while later I fell asleep.


10 am


"Spark…Spark, baby wake up."

"Spark, please." someone whispered while shaking me gently.

I slowly opened my eyes, and looked around. I had a horrible headache it felt as if someone was bashing my head with a hammer. I slowly lifted my head and sat up. And there he was, sitting on my bed with a bouquet of purple Hibiscus Roses.

I just stared at him, his eyes were red as well as his nose as if he had been crying. I can only imagine how I looked, puffy red eyes and nose, gross. We stayed silent just staring at one another. He slowly handed me the flowers pointing his eyes downcast without saying a word, but I did hear him sniffle. I took them and smelled them, they had a bit of jasmine so they smelled even more good. I looked at Vlad again, his hair looked disheveled like he kept pulling at it angrily, his shirt was wrinkled, and his knuckles were bruised, he must have been punching something hard.

It didn't seem like he was going to talk first so I decided to start.

"Are you okay Vladamir?" I asked raspy, while grabbing his hand and softly touching the bruises. He squeezed my hand and held onto it.

"I called off the wedding, made you cry, and your asking me if I'm alright?" he smirked, but I could see the sadness in his eyes.

"Yeah, go figure." I said laughing with no hint of humor.

"Spark," he whispered.

I looked up at him and a few tears slid down my cheeks. He cleared them away with his thumb and continued,

"Spark, please don't cry anymore. I'm sorry for all the crap I said. You don't deserve it baby, I wasn't thinking, I was mad. You will never know how much it is I love you, and it scares me sometimes because you have my heart and can easily destroy me. But that's no excuse, please forgive me Spark, you are the one I cant live without, I need you." he said, I saw a few tears escape his eyes. He looked so remorseful and hurt.

That did it for me, tears fell from my eyes and I threw myself at him wrapping my arms and legs around him. I must have made a big impact for next thing I know we are on the floor with me crushing him. He laughed a bit and brought his arms around my waist. While I gave him butterfly kisses all over his face, uncontrollably. Once I reached his lips I let mine linger there for a while. I felt him smile against my lips and when I pulled away he was indeed smiling.

"So does this mean I'm forgiven?" he asked looking in my eyes caressing my cheek with his thumb.

"Yes, but on one condition," I said while getting up off him.

"And what would that be ?" he asked holding my hands.

"If you show me what you wanted to show me." I said.

He smiled and gave me a quick kiss on the forehead.

"Let's go," he said while pulling me to the door.

I managed to brush my hair and slip some shoes on, and we made our way outside. We began walking down the street. We had been walking for a while now, about six blocks, and I was already getting tired.

"Vlad are we wherever were suppose to be yet?" I asked whining.

"Almost Spark two more clocks to go , and your unusually lazy today pumpkin." he replied smirking, I decided to ignore that comment.

He stopped suddenly and turned to face me, reached behind his pocket and pulled something out. A blindfold.

"Why is there a blindfold in your hand?" I asked.

"Its for you babe , I told you I wanted it to be a surprise." he said while tying the blindfold on my eyes.

"Fine," was my short reply.

We walked well he lead and I followed , until he stopped again.

"Ok were here," he whispered into my ear.

"That's great, I'm so glad were HERE wherever HERE is." I replied.

"My, My someone grew impatient." he laughed.

"Keep laughing and I'll punch you in that pretty face of your Vladamir." I said irritated.

Then unexpectedly without me knowing the blindfold was ripped off. I looked to what was in front of me. A house, a pretty house, the house I had dreamed of once. It was pretty big, with a spacious front yard and a beautiful rose garden surrounding the entrance. The house was made of stone like the flinestone days, with green shutters. The front porch was of wood made of fine red oak. But what I loved the most was the big tree guarding it with its leaves, giving the perfect shade. And to add to the beauty the tree had a tire swing hanging from it.

"Its beautiful," I whispered amazed. "This is what you wanted to show me?" I asked turning to him.

He looked at me with love clearly visible in those honey orbs of his.

"I just wanted to show my princess her castle" he said.

Wow oh wow! This house was ours? I can't believe it.

"Ow! What the hell Spark, what was that for?!" he exclaimed.

That's right I punched him in the chest, and hard I may add.

"That's for making me feel like a douche you big jerk!" I said angrily crossing my arms and scowling.

He smiled cheekily and wrapped his arms around me.

"You will never know how much it is I love you Spartacus." he said while kissing me lightly on the lips and pulling away.

"Ow! Spark quit hitting me!" he whined.

"Quit making me feel all gooey inside Vladamir and don't call me Spartacus!" I yelled.

Then my face softened,

"And I love you to you big oaf!"

A/N: my first one-shot, um I hope you like it? Its based on a dream I had yeah let me know what you think? And sorry for any spelling mistakes. Thanks for reading!