Mommy, I'm done,
I want some help,
I know I need some,
I'm through living this way.
I'm ready to tell you why I go to get high,
I'm ready to tell why I'd scream and cry.
Remember that boy? He used to be my best friend.
I'd stay over at his house.
I used to sleep on their couch.
It was a great, I loved it when it was just that way,
Then one night his daddy came into the room And touched me in places that never felt right.
I wish I could have told you Instead I took a razor blade.
That was my way of speaking out to you,
But you never heard me that cry and took away from me what released my pain. I remember the first time I got high I remember how you cried.
Mommy I used to be angry,
How could you not see, that there was something going on with me?
But Mommy I'm through and I thought I'd let you know how much I love you.