what madness beckons, what moon draws her eyes?
her feet are the diamonds, her nails clenched to her sides
filtering arrogance to love herself she tries
woman loves man for he fills the hole inside

she is walking this thin wire
daybreak to nightlight and we'll call her a liar
insurance for a paper cut; it won't finish crying
the shadow under the stairs reaches out, sighing

lingering heat and claws that could tear open stone
blundering, shattering roars against the love-sundered home
your blessing is pure and she's dead as dust
confusion and confusion is the rule of innocent lust

she is walking this thin wire
a balancing act of the adoration and the ire
this sensation; thump-thump
stuck in her throat; nervousness in a lump

wild love is wild love, her balancing act is gone
her voice is swallowed and her eyes are all Wrong
the wire is splintered and her paper cut infected
World has been accepted, the reality is rejected

she is walking this thin wire
bright eyes and pumping lungs; so tired
the deer hunt and the wolves to howl
her monster is escaping, her heart fleeing to the wild