This was inspired by something my friend Pete said while we were cane training and we were walking through Victoria Square and we saw people on the roof and he made a joke about Martians but then that inspired a story idea leading up to this but it involves Aria because Morgana is the new Guardian of Two Worlds meaning she has to take care of both Aria and Earth and help Arians and humans in both worlds but she finds a dragon called Yan who is lonely and came to Earth because when young Arians turn thirteen, they get to choose to either stay in Aria or live on Earth among humans and hide their Arian magic but he is also the heir of Draconia the realm of dragons in Aria.

But he got stranded when Maiko a very powerful dark hearted Arian closed the portals that allow both Arians and humans to pass through to both worlds because he was helping Izz find somebody he cares about on Earth.

Yan along with Izz want to return to Aria so they can help the Ogreix Warriors and Arian Knights stop Maiko but Morgana also learns about herself and her family but I hope you enjoy.

It was an normal day as a young girl was walking through Victoria Square as she had a strange feeling that there was magic in the area as she was shopping.

Her name was Morgana Asiba and she'd moved with her father but had been having strange dreams about another world and a dragon but she didn't understand as there were some things she didn't know about her family and they were magical and came from a kingdom called Aria but hadn't told her that she was an Ogreix Warrior and supposed to protect the kingdom and Earth someday but her father had hidden this from her as he wanted her to have an normal life.

Morgana was thirteen with long dark brown hair with dark eyes full of warmth and hope but was slender.

She liked wearing black but wasn't a Goth but loved fantasy and to dream but other kids in her school didn't understand but she was alone but she acted like it didn't matter but inside it did.

"Come to me Morgana.......

Your destiny awaits." she heard a voice say.

She sensed the one talking to her was coming from the roof of Victoria Square as she needed to go there to find out as she took the elevator but somebody with silver grey fur smiled as he knew that Morgana was going to where Yan was hiding in the Threshhold where he was hiding and where ignorant humans couldn't find him as he followed but made sure no humans saw him either.

Morgana stepped out of the elevator at the top of the mall as it looked out over the city but suddenly she had this feeling from deep inside of her as her eyes glowed with Ogreix as she heard gentle growling as she sensed something there.

"Hello?" she asked.

Yan smiled seeing her as Arian magic enveloped the area transforming it into a cave as Morgana was in awe.

"Don't be afraid." she heard somebody say.

"I'm not afraid.

Show yourself!" she told it.

Suddenly she heard wing beats as something landed near her but she was in awe seeing it was a dragon with snow like scales but looked like a Chinese dragon but he had warm eyes full of warmth and courage but she saw a hint of sadness as she touched him but he smiled.

"I knew you would come Morgana.

For thirteen long years, I've been dormant here in this dwelling of humans." he told her.

"Who're you?" Morgana asked.

"I am Yan.

I came from Draconia the realm of dragons in Aria..

You are an Asiba.

One of the strongest families in Aria." he said.

Morgana was in awe but saw a silver grey furred creature with bat like ears and snail like eyes.

"Izzard come on out.

She's here." Yan said.

"H-Hey......." he said not giving eye contact.

"This is Izzard J Nassicus or Izz for short.

He is my trusted friend.

He was the reason I came to this world." he answered.

Morgana nodded but was curious about things.

"How did this place become a cave?

Won't others find it?" she asked.

"No they won't.

This is a Thresh Hold.

A hiding place that Arians can create.

When they don't want humans to find them.

Only Arians can discover Thresh Holds.

You are one of us." Yan said.

She nodded as Yan was explaining about Aria.

Especially about the Ogreix Warriors and Arian Knights.

But in Aria, in the purple bricked castle, Skye was in awe seeing that Yan had found the new Guardian of Two Worlds as Jen was in awe seeing she was younger than Ogre Child when she became the Protector of Aria but the Goodness Witch had faith in Morgana that she could help both worlds and stop Maiko as he was in Darkia and planning to take over but Azura and her husband Fira, the rulers of Aria wouldn't let this happen as they knew that the Ogreix Warriors along with the Arian Knights and Morgana could stop him before he took over Aria......