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Yan smiled hearing how Morgana was up to being the Guardian of Two Worlds but knew that most of the Asiba females had been outsiders until they embraced their destinies and came to Aria but saw Izz pouting as he had heard from the dragon that he wanted him to go with Morgana but the silver grey furred Psammead male wouldn't trust another female human except for one.

"Izzard our Queen is busy in Aria and Earth.

She would want you to help Morgana.

We're friends." he said.

Morgana wondered what was wrong with Izz but Yan sighed as he would tell her when the Psammead male wasn't around as it was something he was close to.

But Izz was quiet as she stroked him but he scowled as it reminded him of his Queen's gentle touch as Yan saw him fall asleep.

"Can you tell me now?" she asked Yan.

The snow scaled dragon nodded.

"The Queen he is referring to is the True Queen of Aria who breathed life into the kingdom and all the Arians but she and Izz have a powerful bond along with the Arian Knight of Friendship but she moves between two worlds.

Izz cares about her deeply but hasn't seen her in a while.

We have faith she will return.

Since then, he never lets any female human or Arian get close to him enotionally." Yan explained to her.

Morgana understood but thought it was sweet of Izz to remain loyal but she needed his help.

Izz was in the Alcae Forest but heard a familar sound oflaughter as his snail like eyes went wide knowing it was her as he saw a portal open as he heard her calling as he went through it but found himself in the Star Kingdom as the Arian stars were in the night sky.

"Izzard...... turn around." he heard a voice say.

The silver grey furred Psammead male turned around and gasped as he saw his Queen standing there as the night wind blew through her black and red hair as she smiled hugging him.

"I'm sorry I'm not with you.

The others are working together to try to stop Maiko.

But Morgana needs you.

She is the new Guardian of Two Worlds.

She doesn't understand the great destiny she has.

But I know you miss me.

But Love is infinite.

We can always make more.

Just because you miss me means you shouldn't trust others.

I'll be back soon.

But I'm in your heart.

Promise me you'll help Morgana." she said.

Izz looked away from her for a moment.

"I-I promise Your Highness." he told her.

She then kissed his forehead.......

Morgana was nervous as she realised it was late and needed to go home before her father was worried but Yan was worried as he then put something around her neck as it was a Protection Amulet that would protect her and her growing Arian magic from dark hearted Arians that Maiko might send to stop her.

"Thanks Yan.

What about Izz?" she asked.

"Let me talk to him." he answered.

She understood leaving as she left the Thresh Hold and left the mall.

But Ogre Child smiled as she trusted Morgana.

The dark blue skinned Ogreix Warrior knew that she would be a good Ogreix Warrior........