I was always someone who felt too much, I guess. I showed people my emotions from a young age and wasn't chastised for being sensitive and creative by my father. My family made sure to tell me they liked me for who I was. My mother fussed over me endlessly and my father encouraged me to read and took me to see plays.

My relationship with my sister was most precious to me. We were best friends practically. We were close and everything was perfect. I enjoyed life and feeling everything within it, even the bad, because it only made what was good feel that much better.

I never doubted anything or myself. I never had any reason to feel despair or a lack of hope. It took just one person to tear all of that into pieces, just one person to warp my view on the world and myself. It's scary how much one person can change all you knew and damage so much. That's all it takes though, just one person.

It all started when I first met him, his first ever visit to my house. I was munching happily on a load of cookies, watching some crappy movie, waiting for dinner though I had already ruined my appetite as usual. That was when May entered, her hand behind her, dragging him in, a goofy giggle in her smile. I felt glad to see her happy, and smiled widely as she grinned across at me.

May and I had always been quite close, and we barely fought really, and if we did, it was always over really ridiculous things. She always said I was too naive and cute to stay mad at, and I said she was too clever to argue against. Anyway, like I said, it was his first official visit, to meet our parents, and my mother had decided to go all out and make a three course meal, and as she was already a fantastic cook, I knew this meal was going to be delicious, all to impress him…..

May pulled him into the entrance hall of our house, which led into the lounge via a grand cream archway, and then to the sofa, where I sat, curled up and eating, with the TV blaring in front of me. At their entrance, I lowered the volume and smiled at May, when she dragged him in…. The first time I saw him, I gasped... For every feature that made him, for the good things and the bad things I saw in him.

I had never thought of myself as a good judge of character, but as our eyes met, I knew. I knew he was wrong, that he was fake. His dark, intelligent and charming face was just a mask to cover his true ugliness. I can never forget the chill I got from him. His intense almost whiskey-coloured eyes took me in, gleaming pleasantly, like a snake, as I stared back, stunned. He smiled at me warmly, sending a wave of chill up my spine, which he seemed to notice, and enjoy.

"Jace, this is Talon," she introduced him, breaking my daze, as he watched my wide eyes gazing. May was obliviously unaware of the tension, or the tension I could feel somersaulting my stomach. She turned to back Talon, which was such a fitting name as his eyes clawed into my nerves like daggers. "Talon, this is my kid brother, Jace…." He nodded at her sweetly, before looking at me with a sincere smile, but it was a lie.

"Hello Jace, nice to meet you," he greeted me. I got up; brushing off the cookie crumbs I knew May would not approve of. My sister was seventeen when she brought Talon into our house. He was nineteen. I gave my sister a playful scowl, as I was fifteen, not her 'kid brother'.

"Hey, I'm only two years younger than you," I argued, trying to shake off the unnerving vibe I was receiving from her apparent love-of-her-life. May smiled.

"You act like a kid, so you're my kid brother," she replied, her eyes lowering to the tight fitting t-shirt I was wearing. My favourite t-shirt, a transformers t-shirt from when I had had a very deadly obsession with them at the age of twelve. I point blank refused to chuck any of my collectables, and this was a big cause to May's teasing.

I felt weird to notice Talon's own eyes staring at the tight t-shirt around my chest, revealing the slight muscled contours of my torso. At both his and May's looks, I passed hurriedly and fetched my black hoody, baggy enough to hide my recent efforts to tone up…. I returned under his intent eyes again, as May held onto his arm, smiling and being stupidly ecstatic, so glad that Talon had agreed to come meet our family. I shifted awkwardly, wishing he'd stop staring...

Dinner passed so slowly, and terrifyingly. I watched Talon from the corner of my eye, freaked out by the fact he was still staring at me every now and then, and I could've cursed. Why was no one noticing? Talon ate delicately, eyes still glancing at me, as he answered all my parent's nosy questions while I couldn't help but fidgeting nervous at being sat across from him.

May was failing to hide her embarrassment and kept giving me meaningful looks, urging me to interrupt, but I was too anxious to care... Then it happened...

I was just about to put another mouthful of the steak my mother had cooked into my mouth, when I felt a leg suddenly rub up against my own, a foot reaching my crotch area…. I choked violently and pulled myself away from the table, my eyes widening as Talon smirked secretly as everyone's attention was turned on me…..

"Are you okay Jace?" asked my sister, laughing in almost relief at how I had broken the horrible chain of questions our parents had attacked Talon with. I coughed roughly, eyes watering and face turning red, breathing fast as I tried to choke up the steak that was lodged in my throat. When I had succeeded, I got up hastily, eyes darting over to Talon accusingly.

"I'm going to get a drink," I muttered, leaving, my cheeks flushed for other reasons than my choking fit. I heard May sigh as I entered the kitchen, trying to recover and think rationally.

"Talon, would you go see if he's alright?" she said suggestively, and I swore, panicking. May was only getting rid of Talon so she could give their parents a lecture, but she was putting me in the shit. I finished my glass of water quickly, and turned to leave, walking right into him…

"How you doing Jace?" he asked silkily, as my eyes dilated. I froze, thinking frantically that I had just misunderstood what had happened, and I smiled, trying to sound unfazed.

"Alright," I managed, still under the effects of choking. I swallowed breathlessly. "The steak got stuck in my throat," I explained lamely, making his smile wider. He knew that I was just trying to dismiss what he had just done… Talon finally unblocked my path but instead of going back to the dining room, he leaned back calmly against the kitchen surfaces, watching my nervous eyes follow him in amusement.

"How old are you then Jace?" he asked lightly, looking away causally. I gave him a weird look then. Why did it matter? Or, was he just making conversation?
"Fifteen," I answered clearly, hoping he would notice I had calmed down. Talon grinned, looking back at me now, stunning me with those eyes.

"You work out then?" he asked, making me blink in surprise.

"How do you know?" I asked, flabbergasted, and I watched as he suppressed the need to laugh.

"A minute ago," he replied simply, and then I remembered him staring at my chest, tight in the transformer t-shirt. I smiled, blushing, trying to get rid of this stupid fear of him.

"Yeah I do, I have to," I said cheerfully, though feeling sad, remembering why I had started working out. My family didn't know. I was too ashamed to tell them that I was being targeted by a gang of bullies at my school. Talon straightened up, at the sound of my hollow tone.

"You have to?" he questioned, his devil red eyes assessing me intensely. I tried now to avoid the subject, knowing I could get in more trouble if my family got the school involved. I smiled half-heartedly.

"It's nothing," I lied, going to walk back into the dining hall, when Talon gripped my arm, yanking me back, pulling me at his chest. I wriggled, cheeks flaming and escaped as he grinned evilly down on me.

"What are you doing?" I gasped, being careful not to raise my voice. Talon smiled.

"You have to?" he enquired again, trying to force me to tell. I could tell he was serious; he wouldn't let me leave without making a scene. I felt my heart racing.

"It's none of your business," I snapped, annoyed that he thought he could probe into my private matters. Talon's eyes shined at the sight of me getting wound up. He waited silently, knowing I would spill.

"It's for defence alright," I muttered angrily, and I went to shove past him, when he caught my arm.

"Calm down Jace," he whispered seductively, making my eyes widen. "So I'm guessing that means you're getting hassled by a gang or such….?" I just wanted his hand off me, after all he was already creeped me out, and nodded hurriedly, blushing again.

"You're freaking me out," I said feebly, looking away. "Can you let go?" He smiled at my honesty, and then released me eyeing me thoughtfully.

"Has working out helped?" he asked softly, and I nodded, lying once again. Talon chuckled, as if knowing and left, returning to the dining hall.

"Oh, he is okay?" asked May, as we both re-entered, Talon smiling, me, well, frowning. I sat down silently and ate; smiling and saying I was okay, while he and his bastard eyes leered at me weirdly still, making my stomach flip and sink…..

After that, he started to come round even more, hanging out with May upstairs or watching TV with us, and he was always looking at me, like he couldn't keep his eyes off me. He'd touch me whenever possible, brush past me or whisper something suggestive into my ears. Nothing much happened over four months apart from this and the beatings at school, oh and Talon's twentieth birthday. It was only four months of May and Talon dating later when we had our next real encounter.

I had cooked something at school in class and brought May some, well more for the family, but our parents were out all night. I came in from school, feeling miserable, having had a pretty rough day with my enemies. My friends were all ready to help me, to tell people what had been happening, but I had stopped them. I didn't want to get them targeted too, or in trouble….

So the regular spitting, shoving, shouts and sometimes beatings continued, but I had become an expert of hiding my pain and bruises. I came in, feeling wretched and spotted the two cuddled up on the sofa, but as soon as I entered, Talon's eyes were only on me, watching as I sighed, kicking off my shoes, and collapsed into an armchair, putting the cake on the coffee table.

"Help yourself," I mumbled tiredly, making Talon tilt his head at me enquiringly. May leapt forward at the very sight of it, eyes shining gleefully. I knew how much she liked cake.

"Aww, Jace, you're so cute," she cooed. She turned to Talon.

"Isn't he cute?" she squealed, and Talon smirked.

"Yes he is," he breathed softly, making me wince and look up from the floor at him. I never knew with him, that was what annoyed me. I couldn't tell if he was a gay pervert, or just screwing me around, messing with my head. With him I could never tell. I smiled tensely, and got up, grimacing from the pain suddenly shooting up my back due to the kicks I had received once the ring leader of the gang had punched me to the ground.

I bared my teeth, walking stiffly out, and he saw, he noticed. My sister did not, already absorbed in the cake I had made, and I had inherited the same cooking skills as my mother. I stumbled up the stairs, finding this most recent beating a lot harder to cope with.

"Bastards," I cursed, walking into my room. First of all, I would assess the damage. I got out of my white school shirt, and turned around, eyes drooping suddenly at how bad it really was. I was literally black and blue, cuts and bruises all the way up my back. I felt the tears sting my eyes before I could stop them.

"Bastards," I whimpered, crying pitifully, and then I was really crying, my sore back shaking from the tears. It was his voice that startled me out of my tears.

"Is that what they're doing to you then?" he asked, and I span on my heels, gasping in horror at Talon standing in my doorway. His red eyes watched me, something of sympathy and pleasure of seeing me half naked. My eyes stirred; panic turning my nerves inside out.

"G-Get out," I stammered, trying to get my shirt, when he walked over to me, and embraced me from behind, his lips nestling into my bare neck. I stopped, freezing in distress, my young mind not understanding why he was doing this. I tried to persuade him to leave.

"What? No, let me go…" I spluttered, straining, but I was weak. Talon's breath was sending violent shivers up through my nervous system.

"It's such a shame they've tarnished your perfect little body," he whispered into my neck, making me bristle, horror lurking in my stomach. 'This isn't happening,' I thought pleadingly. 'This isn't real…..' Talon kissed the side of my neck, chuckling.

"How long has it been happening?" he asked gently, and I swallowed, knowing I had to answer otherwise he wouldn't release me.

"Months," I answered, choking, my tears threatening to return. "It started at the beginning of this school year….." Talon tightened his grip on me, as if for comfort.

"How sad they're bruising such flawless and silky skin," he said smoothly, and I looked back at him in terror.

"Please, let go of me," I begged. "I don't like this….. I-" Talon laughed softly in my ear, before standing up, arms uncurling around me. His eyes lingered over the atrocious marks all over my back.

"We're going to have to do something about this," he said, eyes looking back into mine again. To be honest, I never understood why he began starting to do all these weird things to me. From all those recent beatings and nasty words I was feeling more pathetic and self-loathing than ever, so I couldn't understand why he was admiring my body like he did. I was around 5'6, with a sort of lean stealthier figure than most boys my age, whose shoulders had broadened. I was called a late bloomer. But there were no signs of blooming.

I grew taller; my figure curvier than the solid block figures those ass holes had who kept beating me up. I had navy blue stormy eyes, with crazy chocolate brown hair, naturally spiky in all directions which I could never get to settle. My face was not rough looking or chiselled. It was pretty apparently. I had been told this by May and other girls. I had more of an angel's face than a rough boy's. When girls started calling me angel face that was when they started…..

I stared at Talon as he still stared up and down my figure, those lustful eyes smirking along with his thin lips. Talon was extremely good looking I guess, above your average guy, but his eyes were so….. Cruel almost. His eyes may have been gorgeous, sharp and intense, but the feel of them was like those who had been beating me up, malicious. I snapped out of the trance he seemed to have placed under, and went to grab my shirt, but before I could, he snatched my wrists up, drawing me close, my bare chest pressed against his still clothed.

"You're a brave little man Jace," he said chillingly as I gazed up at him fearfully. "But I think maybe at least your sister should know about those bruises." I stopped gaping and glared, wrenching back from him.

"No," I said passionately, seeming to surprise him. "I want to do this on my own!" One eyebrow rose.

"You told me this had stopped a few weeks ago, yet it's been happening for months," he replied melodiously. I sneered.

"So I lied," I said. "People do it a lot you know, and anyway, you were freaking me out!" Talon laughed.

"You're so honest, it's adorable," he said under his breath, making me stop.

"What did you say?" I managed; he placed his arm around my shoulders.

"I said you are adorable, Jace," he whispered silkily into my reddened ears. I pierced my eyes at him, as his face leaned in close.

"If you don't stop perving on me I'm gonna scream," I threatened, and he leaned back then, eyes glittering at my still bare chest, before dragging me to the door.

"May, I think you should see this!" he yelled down the stairs, and I lashed out, kicking him.

"You bastard!" I shouted then he pressed his lips to mine, to silence me, making me blush crazily. My wide blue eyes glared as his lips brushed softly along mine, his own red eyes filling with pleasure, as I squirmed to get away.

"Relax Jace," he breathed and then we heard the footsteps. Talon released me, my cheeks flushing in both aggression at what he had done, and embarrassment. He held a sharp grip on my elbow, taking me into the hall to meet May.

"I think your brother has something to tell you," he said, looking at me firmly, though the lecherous evil shine was still shimmering at me, trying to lure me into those eyes. I hated them and him even more. May finished making her way up the stairs, and stopped, her eyes widening slightly at the sight of me topless and Talon holding my arm. Talon turned me around.

"I was passing his room and saw this," he said kindly, his hand brushing up my back, causing me to shiver. He was enjoying this; those crimson eyes were telling me so. May was too shocked to even acknowledge what had really happened, or why I was so red. She gasped, rushing over, taking me into her arms.

"Where did they come from?" she asked, her eyes filling with tears. Talon smirked at my hateful stare as I looked over May's shoulder, loathing him. May withdrew and held my shoulders firmly.

"Who did this to you?" she asked sternly, her eyes gazing into mine, so I had to look away from Talon, and explain things to her.

"Look May," I started. "I can take care of it, so don't even bother okay I-"

"Don't be stupid!" she shrieked, making me jump. She clenched my shoulders. "Whoever's doing this to you have to be punished," she said, and then she hugged me again…..

"May, I'm fifteen, I can take care of it," I said wearily, half wanting to let her take over, but I was stubborn. "They're just a bunch of assholes from my school, nothing serious…" She clutched me tighter, making me grimace, the pain in my back searing like fire.

"Jace, those bruises are serious!" she exclaimed. Then, realizing that she was hurting me, she pulled away, her expression of sympathy attempting to kill me. I wanted to say the: 'No, having your boyfriend kiss me, that's serious.' But I couldn't, and he smiled, as if knowing I wanted to tell her how deceitful and sick he was. Talon came forward.

"Either you tell the school, or we will," he was suddenly saying, making my blood boil.

"Who the hell gave you a say?" I spat suddenly, shocking May. She looked down at me scornfully.

"Don't speak to Talon like that, he's only concerned," she said, my fists clenched, angered at how that jerk could get away with smiling so smugly at me. I went to walk away.

"You'll make it worse," I said bitterly, needing to curl up and sleep. "You'll make everything worse!" I fled to my room angrily, slamming my door, and diving into my bed…. It was great then that darkness granted me sleep. I was relieved that the horrific day had ended…..

That was four months after I had met Talon, and I didn't trust him and slowly, I began to hate him. He was creepy, he was sick, a cheat…. Did I mention creepy? Every time he came over he'd make some sex related suggestion, or brush his fingers along my shoulders… Or somewhere else….. The beatings at school remained the same but I had practically forbidden May to say anything. I told her I would tell the school and then lied that the beatings had stopped. Talon knew otherwise, noticing me more than May as he was constantly watching me when he came round. It was the day that I nearly received the worst beating that he made his first real move, nearly a whole month later and I….. Never had ever felt that afraid….

I was feeling my usual paranoid self, my nerves always on edge since I had been targeted by the nastiest gang in school, and by him. I walked alongside my friends in school, eyes darting around like arrows, waiting for the next torture I would have to undergo. It was the end of school, and that meant, I was under the threat of pain….

"Are you okay Jace?" asked my friend warily and I smiled towards Ben reassuringly, letting him know I was coping, for now….. The guilt on his face however, was more than I could withstand, and I left hastily, walking with my head lowered, hoping they would miss me today. I had taken to changing which school exit I took, to avoid them, but as I went to the back entrance and left, sighing, thinking I had gotten off easy, something rammed into my guts and I buckled, immediately knowing that I had been caught.

"Thought you could get out the back way did ya angel face?" sneered Rick nastily as I fell to his feet, my knees grazing against the hard concrete ground. I gasped out in pain, hands clenching my stomach, when Rick pulled me to my feet.

"Angel face doesn't look so happy today, why's that?" he hissed, punching me in the stomach again. I staggered back, swearing, before trying to punch back.

"Whoa there," laughed some of the older boys, arms restraining me as I lashed out at Rick, cursing him hatefully. Jake, the weirdest of the group leaned his face next my ear.

"We don't want you to damage those wings," he simpered cruelly, his hand trailing over my back, like Talon had done. I felt sick just thinking about him.

"He's gone all pale," laughed another, this one letting me go. I fell lightly onto my hands and knees, the nauseated feeling I always felt when Talon was around causing me to wretch.

"I'm gonna be sick," I panted, getting up and running. The gang saw this as a challenge… They chased me into the streets.

I hated everything at that moment; I hated the guys chasing me, for something as pathetic as a nickname, angel face. I hated Talon, and his wandering hands, pretending it was normal and cool to touch me the way he did. I sprinted down an alley way, breathing heavily from exhaustion and stress, when I tripped up, falling flat on my face.

"Dam laces" I muttered, as the gang caught up with me, surrounding me and sniggering. I felt like a caged animal, and the adrenaline filled my blood, making my head spin.

"Look, this isn't fair; I've never done anything to you!" I shouted in fury, getting up, clenching my stomach. When Rick came at me, I blocked him, and then managed to land a punch in his jaw, sending him backwards. Two rushed at me and then I was down, backing up against the alley way wall, arms raised to defend…. When….

"Get away from him….." His voice sent more than a chill up my spine, it sent horror all through my body, turning my muscles into jelly as Talon swiped through, clearing the alley of two boys already. He growled a threat towards them.

"Touch him again, and you're as good as dead," he said coldly. I looked up at him fearfully, and Rick noticed.

"Who the hell are you?" he demanded brashly, his arrogance flaunting itself unnecessarily in front of Talon, which made me panic. I got up quickly brushing off the dirt on my uniform.

"Beat it Rick," I muttered under my breath so the demon wouldn't hear. Rick looked back in surprise as I met his eyes seriously.

"Get out of here before you make him mad," I whispered stiffly. Rick saw the fear in my eyes, looked at the strange eerie gaze of the auburn-eyed stranger, before he turned on his heel and fled, his gang following, leaving me alone in the alley way with him.

"Thanks," I mumbled grudgingly, shuffling my clothes back to their proper positions, not meeting his eyes. If I did, I knew I would be knocked back by that intense stare. I passed him, making my way to the much nice more open street, when he caught my arm, and pulled me back.

"No reward, not even a sign of gratitude?" he enquired softly and I met his gaze with dread, my stomach flipping over sickly. Those red eyes of his had that awful gleam in them again.

"I said thank you," I said defensively. "What the hell do you want me to do?" I yelped as Talon wrenched me back, pulling me to the wall and pinning me there, his arms raising my wrists swiftly above my head, as I stared at him in utmost terror…..

"Get off me," I mumbled pathetically, straining as his fingers dug into the skin of my wrists to suppress me. I glared.

"I said thank you, can't I just go home now," I tried not to let my growing panic enter my voice. "What do you want me to do?" I asked angrily. Talon leaned in, his breath warming my pale cheeks up. I watched as his eyes glittered at me, at my helpless position, under his mercy.

"Kiss me," he whispered huskily. I blinked in fright, my cheeks flaming instantly.

"W-What?" I stuttered, my mind barely able to grasp what he had just suggested.

"Kiss me Jace," he repeated, his voice laced with lust and yearning, for me? I shook my head in disturbance.

"You're my sister's boyfriend," I protested. "Isn't that reason enough to stop!" He only smiled at my begging, before he pressed his lower body against mine, sending heat in dizzying waves through my body and mostly up to my face. I knew I was blushing, more with humiliation at being molested by this freak, touched and teased by a guy when I hadn't ever questioned my sexuality before, having always considering myself straight. I was sickened to my stomach.

"Please, I don't like this-" I gasped as he pressed against me harder, a strange sensation I had never felt before burning my body. My eyelids fluttered with this new sensation and he watched, smiling cruelly.

"Are you enjoying yourself Jace?" he asked, and I immediately tried to gain focus.

"Fucking pervert, get off me!" I shouted, then Talon forced his lips to mine, an almost angry kiss for my defiance, but then, as I writhed under his strong grip, he pressed against me below harder, and I gasped, so that his tongue entered my mouth. I screwed my eyes shut, whining in distress. I knew then, that I wasn't being paranoid. Talon wanted me, even when he was with my sister, and he was not going to ask me my permission….

"Get off me," I screamed, kicking out and sending him back. I panted breathlessly, before turning and spitting out the sweet sickening taste of him in my mouth. I was shocked; I didn't know what to do... so I ran. I stumbled out of the alley way swearing for all I was worthwhile he chuckled gently, watching me run with an amused expression.

It took all the courage I had to get home without crying. I rushed upstairs and trapped myself in my room, ignoring May….. I laid back on my bed in fright, my lips trembling from what Talon had just done, my sister's older boyfriend? Why would he want me, a fifteen year old boy? I wasn't a girl to start off with, and I couldn't understand his lustful attack on me at all.

I was younger than him, and not his girlfriend! I was his girlfriend's 'kid brother' as she had put it! I sat up and changed, shuddering to remember Talon's hot lips attached to mine. 'What is with that guy anyway?' I thought savagely. I tugged on a looser t-shirt as was the usual for me now.

I had grown paranoid since Talon had started coming over, taking to wearing loose clothing like baggy jeans that fitted snugly around my abnormally slender hips, but hid the shape of my legs. I hated my slender-like body, it was humiliating! Where the heck were my buff shoulders? My shoulders were more narrow than some of the thinnest girls I knew.

I had started to wonder though. Was I really that good looking, to provoke such a response from my sister's boyfriend? I turned on my TV, grumbling worriedly, the feeling of unease still in my stomach. I was now dreading tomorrow, wondering what Rick and the others would do. I was so lost in my thoughts that I jumped when there came a sudden knock on my door.

"W-Who is it?" I stuttered nervously, afraid it was him, coming for more than just a kiss. I heard May sigh.

"What is with you?" she said, sounding slightly puzzled. "Jace, there's someone on the phone for you…" I paused, thinking about who it could've been. It wasn't Talon seeing as May would have recognised his voice. I nodded in certainty, getting up slowly and unlocking my door.

"Here it is Jace," said May, passing it over to me quickly, annoyed to be having stood there so long. She went to walk back the way she had come, when she stopped, her eyes finally noticing I was not looking my normal self.

"Are you alright?" she asked carefully, frowning. "You look pale." I shook my head, to tell her I was fine and smiled faintly.

"Oh, it was just a weird day, that's all," I replied. 'Take the hint May,' I begged, but she merely shrugged and walked away, as her usual oblivious self. Trust Talon to pick my sister, one of the blindest girls when it came to people's feelings. No doubt, she was really clever, and pretty, but I think having both those things made her feel isolated around normal people. Normal people aren't usually gifted with both. She was like perfect, and that perfection made her lose her sense of how other people can be important too, at least, that was one theory, the other theory was that she was too infatuated with Talon to notice what an evil creep he was, and what he was doing to me.

I took the phone and closed the door hastily, feeling more disturbed and anxious than I ever had in all my life. There was a sickening weight plunging down into my guts. I shuddered, raising the phone to my ear.

"H-Hello," I answered, my voice quivering.

"Hey Jace, what's the matter you sound weird?" asked a worried voice of a girl from my class. I realized with relief that it was Roxana, one of the many girls in my class that teased me with that cursed nick name, angel face.

"Oh, hey Roxana," I tried greeting warmly, but my voice was still faulty. Roxana was a scarily perceptive girl, and she knew something was up.

"Are you sick, you sound all shaken up?" she asked again, sounding concerned. I laughed loudly, trying to get her off the subject.

"Nah, I'm fine," I burst out a little over cheerfully, and I could almost see the frown on Roxana's face on the other side of the line. I continued.

"Yeah, just a little tired, so, what's up?" I rushed. She sighed, not sounding too convinced.

"Look, I feel real bad about what's happened with Rick and you," she said, ignoring my obvious lying. Suddenly, she sounded hesitant. "So I was wondering if I could make it up to you." I stopped and looked around my room, frowning.

"It's not your fault Roxana," I said in confusion.

"Well yeah it kind of is!" she snapped, making me jump. "Forget asking, we're going to the cinema, and I'm paying!" I breathed in sharply in surprise.

"What, why?" I gasped, struck by this sudden and wanted kindness. Roxana growled.

"I just told you, because I feel bad about Rick picking on you all the time," she sighed irritably. "Geez, do you want me to write my guilt down for you?" I stifled a laugh.

"No, no that's fine Roxana, I was just shocked," I replied. I took a breath. "So, when are we going?" Roxana seemed to wince on the other end.

"Now?" she enquired, sounding even guiltier. I beamed. It was perfect! Go out with a girl to take my mind off Talon. She heard my pleased laugh.

"Alright," I agreed willingly. "Meet you there when?" Roxana sounded relieved.

"In ten minutes," she answered breathlessly, and I smiled.

"You're one of those typical late-notice types aren't you?" I teased as she growled threateningly again.

"I'm nice enough to do it at all!" she exclaimed, getting wound up. I smiled.

"Calm down, okay, see ya in ten!" And we both hung up. I got changed again, putting on more neat casual clothes, not the baggy almost grunge stuff I had been wearing to hide my appearance from Talon. I then unlocked my door and rushed out.

"May, I'm going out with a friend!" I bellowed, more pleased than I had been for ages. I leapt down the stairs, grabbing my best jacket.

"Now wait just a sec, you haven't even asked me, or mum or dad," she called after me crossly. I grinned at her as I reached the door, opening it despite what she had said. I didn't care; all I wanted was get out of there before Talon showed up.

"Like that makes a difference, I'll be back in like three hours," I said dismissively, making May's eyes widen at my sudden rebellious act. I smiled.

"Good bye!" I shouted, rushing out before she could stop me, when I ran into him…..

My beam faded, my confidence spilled away from my grasp like water as he leered down on me with those evil sick eyes, so dark and red, unloving and lustful. It took me a few moments to recover and give him a scowl.

"Aww, don't look at me like that Jace," he simpered silkily. "You'll hurt my feelings."

"As if you care about mine," I sneered back with loathing. His eyebrows rose, seeming impressed that I was not as tongue tied as before.

"Where are you off to anyway," he said, reaching for me. "I was hoping to kiss you again." I paled then, backing away from him.

"What the hell's wrong with you?" I asked, horrifyingly astonished. He smiled, loving my fear riddled expression.

"It's because you're just too cute Jace, looking at me like that," he whispered, making me cringe. He stepped closer, as I backed up the driveway of my home, ready to sprint off to the cinema.

"Where are you going?" he asked me again, eyes gleaming. "You're not avoiding me are you?" I snarled aggressively.

"As if," I hissed. "I have a date!" Then, before he could do anything, I swerved around and broke into a flat out sprint, leaving him with that little bit of news to chew on. It was a little scary though, because as I left, his eyes narrowed with menace, with jealousy, crimson eyes almost darkening possessively….. I was more than glad to get away from him!

Roxana smiled widely as I approached, smiling in relief at my quick escape. She must've seen through my smiling face because she suddenly took hold of my arm.

"Are you okay?" she asked in concern. I turned to her quizzically, wondering what she meant. She frowned.

"You're really pale, are you sick?" she questioned, suddenly raising a hand to my forehead, making me blush. She felt that my temperature was perfectly normal, before looking at me sternly.

"We can always do this another time if you'd like," she said, making my eyes widen, the idea horrified me so much. I took her hand, turning towards the cinema entrance.

"No," I answered quietly, eyes shadowing over cautiously, making her eyes dilate in wonder, shocked by my response. We walked into the cinema lobby, as my eyes scanned around the crowds and places nervously, waiting for him to turn up, petrified that he would…..

As she had promised she brought all the snacks and the tickets, eyes glancing sideways at me worriedly, being as perceptive as Roxana is. I really liked her, as a friend, but at that moment her comfort and the oblivious rescue she had executed had me thinking about her….

We sat down in the cinema, away from the more crowded spots, which made me feel a little more wary, knowing it would be harder to spot me if I was in a crowd. I sighed, trying to gain composure and to relax.

She was watching me intently as the film began, but I ignored her searching stares, knowing if I told her, Talon might truly unleash himself upon me, if he found out. I was scared. He was enough of a creep to pin against me a wall, kiss me against my will, lie to his girlfriend while perving on her younger brother. It made me wonder what else he was capable of...?

The film started, the lights dimming and blacking out completely to my relief. As the trailers started off, Roxana's hand was suddenly clenching mine, which was solidly grasping the chair's arm like a life line, clammy and cold, my knuckles white from the vice grip I seemed to be crushing the arm with.

"Jace," she murmured, and I turned to her, my expression tense, wishing for her to dismiss my abnormal behaviour and carry on as if everything was fine, in the comforting darkness of the cinema, but she, like I said, was perceptive, and Roxana was always known around school as being one of those people who can really tell what people are feeling. I looked down to her hand around mine.

"It's nothing," I mumbled, feeling so pathetic I was nearly crying. I could feel my eyes stinging, burning with the desire to let out my fears, to confide to Roxana what my life had been twisted into, but I couldn't….. I moved my hand away, giving her a reassuring smile through the screen's dim light.

"I'm okay Roxana, don't worry," I said softly, before turning my gaze to the film, to try the impossible and try and forget about him, and his lips, and those red manipulating eyes. I looked down, feeling the despair settling worse than ever before. What was I going to do? I didn't have a clue. I looked up at the screen, tears glistening in my eyes, making Roxana breathe in with surprise, as I thought. 'God help me…..'

The film was good, but I couldn't concentrate at all, and I think she knew this. She ended up eating all the snacks she had brought; my guts too twisted and knotted up to stomach anything. When the lights came back up, she turned to me, eyes stirring caringly.

"Are they really hurting you, Jace?" she asked, her compassionate eyes hitting me like a sledge hammer, the plea to tell those sympathetic eyes the real reason, all the reasons. I got up, looking away, trying to stifle my tears… 'Dam me for getting so emotional,' I cursed inwardly, hating my weakness….. Talon…. The thought of his name made me shudder. I wanted this horrible day to end. I turned abruptly to leave, striding back to the main aisle of the cinema, not pausing to wait for her, the need for fresh air suddenly a necessity. When I broke out I gasped, leaning over and panting, feeling really sick and afraid, Roxana rushed after me, leaning over with me in seconds, asking me if I was okay.

"Fine," I repeated, lying again and again, when she pulled me up.

"Stop lying," she said suddenly with a stern voice. "Maybe I can help." I sneered then, angry and letting my emotions rage loose again.

"You can't do anything Roxana, so get out of my business!" I snarled, making her step away, her face falling and changing into an expression of hurt and confusion. I stopped glaring then, feeling wretched, turning away.

"Sorry," I muttered, feeling guilty. "Thanks for the night Roxana…" Then I started off, hoping that the demon was gone and that I could sneak into my room to be left alone for the rest of the night, but as always, my plans were smashed, as things never go the way I plan them.

It was when I was only a mile from my house, that I noticed something really strange, something I had not noticed before, having been so intertwined with my anxious and fearful thoughts. I froze as I realised Roxana was following me…. I breathed out, trying to think. Could I ask her to leave? Perhaps suggest that she was going the wrong way? I started to turn around when I saw she was gone…

'That's weird,' I thought, frowning. 'I could've sworn I saw her…..' I turned back round, walking with my head bowed, deciding that it had to my imagination, and that I was so jumpy because of Talon…. Again his name had past my mind and I grimaced inside. Remembering my dilemma with Talon, I looked up worriedly….

"How was your date?" slithered his silky voice out into the dimming streets, and out to the darkening sky, echoing through my ears and within me, brushing over my skin like a feather tip. Bristling to a sudden halt, I stopped abruptly in horror to see Talon walking towards me….. I couldn't see my face, but I knew I paled, I felt my face go cold, like how my blood was running through my veins cold, the way my guts were now so knotted the fear. The nausea returned, my eyes blurring sickeningly.

"Just keep away from me Talon," I called over to him as he walked my way, red eyes gleaming with desire, and jealousy, and something else too dangerous for my young mind to comprehend. It was when he finally stood in front of me, blood coloured eyes watching my pale face and glaring eyes that he struck me across my cheek, hissing possessively as I fell back from the recoil, crying out in surprise.

It was then I realised the something else too dangerous to comprehend was violence, just another terrifying feature to add to my tormentor's already full list of bad features. I winced from the stinging sensation burning my cheek now, making my eyes beg to begin to water, but I bit my lip, breathing out through my teeth, determined not to cry. His red, fired up eyes dimmed a little, telling me he was slightly calmer, so I got up slowly, backing away, wiping the side of my face, and narrowing my eyes at him savagely.

"You bastard," I mumbled, the pain still assaulting me as I tried to keep balance, the sickening feeling still lingering on in my stomach, the pain from the beatings at school and now the flaring pain on my cheek. It was getting difficult to keep my defences up. Talon smirked at my angry glare, my passionate hate I felt only towards him, making my hands quiver not only with fear, but with loathing. He stepped closer.

"My little sweet Jace," he began sweetly, his voice so disgustingly like honey it dripped over my clenching guts, making me feel ten times worse. I tightened my hands into fists, knowing that with Talon, it was going to get a whole lot worse. Talon went to stroke my sore cheek.

"Keep your perverted hands away from me!" I burst out in terror, backing up sharp, making Talon chuckle mercilessly, coming closer to me again.

"Are you going to run away like a coward from me again little Jace?" he asked slowly, dragging on each word to torture me, I'm sure. I met his gaze fiercely.

"Like hell," I snarled hatefully, giving him a disgusted look.

"You know now though don't you Jace," he was suddenly murmuring into my ear, grasping hold of my forearms before I had time to react. I felt the heat stroke my cheeks like his smooth skinned hands, flushing as he leaned his face close to mine, as I tried to strain away from those hot cruel lips, escape from the intensity in those crimson eyes. I bared my teeth.

"Know what?" I spat out in anger, for once meeting his eyes head on, letting the power that emanated off him attack me, and I fought against it. Talon licked his lips maliciously, his eyes glancing to my trembling bottom lip, wanting to capture my unwilling lips. He met my eyes again, staring deep into me, so that I felt he was examining my very heart.

"I don't like you wandering off like that," he simpered, suddenly, despite my straining away, he clasped my wrists, pushing me roughly into the nearest wall, and I felt the horror gnawing into me as I realized that we were on one of those completely deadened old streets, with night drawing in fast to seize me. He laughed gently at the terror placed all along my face, as my eyes widened, the thrill making his eyes stir as I glanced around desperately, knowing I was at his mercy... again.

"You mustn't leave like that Jace," he cooed, pressing against me, like before. My blush intensified somewhat as I moaned out in distress, knowing that he was slowly going to reduce me to tears….. Or seduce me, as the case may be.

"Get off me," I shouted furiously, hating that he was touching me this way again! "Does May mean that little to you?" Talon seemed surprised at the sudden mention of my sister and his girlfriend!

"Sure, your sister's hot Jace, but she has nothing on you," he said, his voice dripping with that poisonous lecherous look in his eyes. I strained away weakly as his lips advanced closer to mine. "And if I remember correctly, everyone else sees that gorgeous beauty of yours too, don't they, angel face?" I felt my insides plunge down, as he came even closer.

"Stop it," I begin, closing my eyes, as if I could block him out and all the rest of the world I was starting to detest. Talon gripped my wrists tighter, before leaning in and forcing his lips to mine, red eyes watching as my eyes widened in despair. It was so wrong, why was he doing this? He couldn't have been right in the head, he had to be insane.

I struggled suddenly a lot fiercer, wriggling and shifting for all I was worth. It was when I threw him off me, making him stumble, and fall down on one knee, that the violent possessiveness returned like a haunting ghost to tear me apart. I stepped back as he lunged, but I was too slow, and he smacked me to the floor again, my cheek searing with the same burning pain as before. As I landed, he stood over me, going to lean down when I squirmed away, crawling backwards.

"Get-Get a-Away from me!" I screamed out, suffering the pain from his newest attack. Talon's hands reached to my collar, clutching the material in his fists, dragging me upwards towards his lips….. When…

"STOP IT!"…. Talon froze where he sat, leaning over me, my upper torso suspended, still hanging from my cuff at his attempt to drag my lips to his. My legs lay stretched out along the concrete pavement, useless as the tension and dread thickened the atmosphere like smog. I was panting in fear, eyes barely able to drag themselves away from him to see the person who had shouted out, but when I saw her, it was my heart that sank down along with my guts this time.

Talon was not glaring, but tilting his head in curiosity at no one else but Roxana. Her frantic eyes met mine and I stared back in relief, fear, worry and bewilderment. Talon saw how we had both exchanged looks and released me, making me fall back down to the floor in alarm. Talon gave me one last flirtatious grin, ruffling my hair as if he was a fond friend or an older brother, but he was nothing of the sort.

"I'll see you later Jace," he said softly, before turning away and leaving me and Roxana in the deadened street. It didn't take me long until the shock, relief, and fear all knocked me about at once and I sat, burying my face into my knees and letting out silent tears…..

"Jace….?" She had her arms wrapped around my shoulders for comfort, and she just kept repeating my name, calling to me, wanting to get some response from my distraught, dishevelled appearance. I wanted her to go, and then I didn't. I wanted her to cry sympathetically, and then I wished she would burst into a rage and tell everyone what she had just witnessed.

I sat there trying to come back to earth as her voice slowly guided me back, coaxing me to think rationally. After ten tense minutes of her just trying to gauge a response from me, I finally gathered the little energy and courage I had left and looked up and met her eyes tearfully.

"You should go Roxana," I mumbled, wiping my eyes with shame. Roxana clenched my shoulders tighter, her gaze hardening.

"No, not until I know you're safe," she replied sternly, her voice flaring with angry compassion. I laughed sourly.

"Yeah, safe, whatever that means," I chuckled, making her wince. She took a deep breath and I could almost hear her mind trying to work out what to do, though she had fewer ideas than me. She decided to interrogate me first and find out more.

"I heard everything Jace," she said gently, moving around so that she faced me, crouched in front of me with eyes so caring and warm, I just wanted to start sobbing and let them take me. "And I saw everything…." She added quietly, almost to herself. I frowned.

"What are you going to do?" I asked, suddenly feeling angry.

"You have to tell people about this," she said carefully, making me turn and glare at the pavement as if all of this was somehow its fault. I felt Roxana's eyes burdening my back with sympathy along with her hand, and shrugged her off, scowling.

"Look Roxana, don't butt into things you don't understand," I said darkly, getting up. "This is my problem, and so my business," I sighed, feeling rotten. "And if you want to continue being my friend you'll keep your mouth shut that you ever heard this, alright?" Roxana was more than shocked by my fear of telling on Talon.

"Don't you want that to end?" she asked me incredulously. "All you have to do is spill and that guy is history…." I shook my head.

"No," I replied stiffly. "It's far more complicated than you can comprehend." Roxana challenged me with a glare.

"Try me," she responded determinedly, eyes narrowed with the will to have me rat out Talon. I moaned.

"My sister is obsessed with him, and if I say what's happening, she'll never believe me!" my despair welled up as did my eyes with those fire burning tears. I turned away, head lowered, only to hear Roxana rush after me.

"Then I'll say," she blurted out, and I halted, wondering if that could even work? I shook my head, knowing Talon would figure a way out of it, and maybe put Roxana in danger too.

"What reason would I have to lie?" she carried on, keeping up beside me, watching my scarily unreadable expression with worry.

"Jace, please?" she caught hold of my arm gently, making me stop. "I care too much about you to let this carry on…." Hearing this, I couldn't help but meet her eyes.

"He's too clever Roxana," I whisper to her desperately, wanting her to see I was more worried about her. "He might hurt you…"

"Better that than you getting raped!" she screamed, digging her nails into my arm, making me wince. Suddenly Roxana is embracing me, clutching onto me so tight my lungs feel as if they're about to give way, but it feels nice, the safe feeling, and warmth I get from her arms. I wrap my arms around her too, sighing.

"If you care Roxana then please keep this to yourself," I murmur. She released me, scowling, about to retort. "I'll find a way out of this, okay?" I try, making her angry expression fall…..

"I don't think I can angel face," she mumbled softly, her soft hands still clenching my shoulders protectively….. Before I could stop her, or pull away, she leaned up and brushed her lips along mine…

I was in a daze, fingers trailing over my lips subconsciously as I entered my house, having left Roxana and her warm gentle lips behind. Lips that I found myself craving again, year old feelings I thought I had dismissed burning up again, like the tears in my eyes…. I pass the lounge without even glancing to the snuggling couple, that dangerous bastard's hands all over my sister. I would've managed to get to my room and calm down, when May broke their kiss and set her sights on me.

"Where the hell have you been?" she screeched, getting up and advancing on me. I turn then, eyes feeling as weary as my entire body, just the need to collapse, my emotions all over the place. I look over May's shoulder and meet Talon's sly gleaming eyes, daring me to tell May, knowing that I wouldn't. When May finally stopped in front of me she saw the slightly swelled red welt on my cheek, a flaming cut burning in the middle, dribbling out my cowardly blood. She gasped.

"I thought you said they stopped," she accused me, taking my cheek into her hand caringly, making me wince. 'IT WAS HIM!' I felt my voice scream; begging for it to come from my mouth, but nothing came out. I just couldn't. May was so in love with Talon, so happy. I was too much of coward to shatter that pretty glass dream she was living in.

Before I can gain control, and compose myself, I swipe May's hand away, narrowing my eyes at her hatefully, despising her boyfriend, the one she had dragged into our house... and into my life.

"Get out of my face!" I roar, turning on my heel and storming up stairs. I'm burning with rage, shuddering with it, unable to gain any hold over it. I stamp into my room, slamming the door shut with a thunderous echo that shakes around the house. Down stairs, I can hear May apologising to Talon, when it was his entire fault. My fists quiver, and I wheel around and smash one in and through my cupboard door, letting out a scream of agonizing fury.

Suddenly I can't stop, I'm crashing my bleeding fist into the cupboard again, the release and stress pouring out, escaping and draining me of all energy, but I don't stop, even when I hear the rushed footsteps and the door opening. I only stop when hands try to pull me back and I end up lashing out at this person, driving my bleeding fist into their face, eyes screwed up and letting the tears fall…. May's screams made me open my eyes.

May screaming, did I hit her? Reality smacks down on me hard as I take in Talon, backed up slightly, his right cheek red from my attack, and I gasp, terrified. He was going to murder me; he was going to torture me for that. May's shouting at me, but all I can see are Talon's glittering red, now slightly blackened eyes, peering at me curiously, and dangerously, as I back up and trip up on my own bed, falling down with my fists stinging.

"Jace, how could you hit Talon?" screams May, and I just want to sink, yeah... that's right, sink right into the floor, and let darkness take me away from those blood red eyes, and his hands, and the fear of them, and from May, her voice penetrating through me. Suddenly some beautiful force from above is granting my wish, and I my vision blurs.

"Don't ignore me Jace," May yells stepping forward, hand on Talon's shoulder. I gaze up dazedly, the day's events finally taking their toll and causing my stomach to heave, but I'm not sick, I just cough, eyes blurring more and more.

"Jace…?" May's voice is fading, just like those damned red eyes, and I smile, a sigh escaping my lips, as the darkness swallows me up….

I woke up in my bed, opening my eyes blearily, my eyes stinging and rejecting the bright light that was emitting from my bedside lamp. As I slowly regained my senses, I glanced around my room and suddenly spotted mum, sitting on the opposite side of my bed.

"How you feeling honey?" she asked me softly, reaching and stroking the sore bruise adorning my cheek. I flinched slightly and blinked, still trying to clear the fog clogging up my mind. I remembered Talon quickly enough and I couldn't stop myself, I burst into tears, curling up and sobbing pitifully. My mum's eyes widened at my unusual display and embraced me hurriedly, whispering soft comforts into my ears, as if to spell the demons away. I knew Talon wasn't going anywhere, but I couldn't tell her. I cried of my fear of him, of my anger and frustration, but I couldn't say it. Half an hour later I calmed down and caught my mum's deep look of concern and knew May had told her of the bullies.

"I know about the trouble you've been having at school," she said carefully, watching with grievance as I wrapped my arms around myself, my teeth chattering nervously.

"And what?" I whispered out. She clenched my arm for comfort again.

"Your father and I have contacted the school, and we're meeting the head teacher at the end of the week," she informed me. I sat up straight and scoffed.

"What am I doing until then?" I asked, unable to keep the bitterness out of my voice. My mother smiled kindly, and I felt secure for the first time in months.

"You'll be staying here dear," she replied warmly. I stared. Though she said it with great warmth, those words sent my insides freezing. I knew May would be at school…. Dad and mum would be at work and Talon… Talon would be here. He'd be here when I had no one to keep me safe. I scrambled away from the bed and made it to the bathroom in time to be sick.

There were three days until Friday, three days of being stuck in my house to await him every day and as I waved goodbye as my family, as they left me to my fate, my insides clenched in fear. The next two hours dragged on, hanging me in suspense, slowly lowering me into a boiling cauldron, into burning lava. He did not come though.

The day passed in a tense, deadly silence as I waited and waited for him to come. I wasn't sure to be relieved or even more stressed at his absence. I was just simply a mess. My family came home and pinned my panic down to all the violence I'd suffered lately. May didn't even talk to me, she was still furious about how I accidently hit her boyfriend.

Dinner passed in a blur, the night passed in a slow tormenting crawl. I was waiting. The next day, it happened the exact same way and I wondered if Talon was going to leave me alone for good, maybe he had finally gotten the message. My hopes rose slightly and I smiled at my parents that night, feeling more at ease. May had seen Talon and said he was sorry for upsetting me, which of course was a lie.

So Talon wasn't out of my life yet, but it was possible he was going to leave me alone. Friday morning came and I went down to eat breakfast with my family, knowing that later that day after school, at four, my parents were going to take me to school about Rick and his gang. I was not looking forward to it, but at least that day there was a guarantee Talon wouldn't show up. It was too risky.

I followed May to the door, frowning. She was avoiding me.

"May?" I called gently, hating to hear the desperation in my voice. She turned and regarded me frostily.

"Yes, what is it?" she snapped and I winced under her contempt. I shifted from foot to foot, and sighed.

"I'm sorry," I murmured to the floor dejectedly. I glanced up. May was still staring at me, but the coldness of it had lessened slightly so I continued hastily, seeing my chance.

"I just want you to know I love you and I'm sorry," I finished softly and her expression softened also and she braced me in a quick hug.

"I can forgive you, but only when you apologise to Talon," she said quietly. This made my very skin bristle. Apologise? To that evil, twisted scum bag? I squirmed out of her grip and glared.

"No, I won't say sorry," I said harshly. May stepped away from me an even colder glare than before.

"What is your problem?" she hissed, clearly hurt. "What have you got against Talon? He's been nothing but kind and understanding? Are you jealous?" That stumped me. Jealous of what exactly?

"He's a scum bag okay May," I heard myself yelling. "He's no good!"

"How dare you spout such crap," she shrieked, sounding unnerved. "Name one time Talon has shown to you he is anything but doting and kind?" And here it was, do or die, tell or suffer. I had no reason to lie, apart from that May was desperately in love with the guy. Even my parents were always going on and on about what a lovely person Talon was, about how charming he was.

Would they even believe me? I suddenly found myself asking. I looked down and felt my eyes burn. Where had my family been when I was getting kicked the crap of at school? Why didn't they see it? Why could they not tell Talon was bad and that he had been making my life a living hell? Did they even care? I faced May, fists clenched and chest throbbing.

"You don't care," I spat out, alarmed by my sudden hatred. "You are stupid, blind and pathetic!" May gasped in outrage at my words and before I knew it, a hand came flying towards my cheek. The slap resounded throughout the hallway as did the pain sear up my face. She had nothing on Talon, but it still hurt. One of my hands found itself pressed to the red cheek in disbelief.

May was seething, glaring at me in anger. It was at that moment I realised it was all pointless. My family didn't even know me and would believe a creep over my own words. May had just hit me, just like Rick and his gang and just like Talon. It was if everyone wanted to hurt me! A part of me numbed inside while I gazed at her, feeling all these new revelations.

"I can't stand you anymore Jace," she shouted venomously, clenching her bag tight in her rage. "You've become a horrible, aggressive and vindictive person who's jealous because his big sister found some happiness without him!" There was the bitter truth. This was how my sister felt about me and it was like a sledge hammer into my stomach.

"This is what you think of me?" I whispered in horror and May turned away from me, grabbing her coat and tugging it on.

"You're not my kid brother anymore," she said cruelly, not knowing how every word cut into me like a hot knife. She met my gaze once more, snarling. "I hate what you've become!" Then she left, slamming the door behind her. For what felt like an hour I stood there, revelling in the hurt and the shocking truth. My sister hated me, and it wasn't even me she should have been hating. She was blind and she didn't really care about me. If my parents couldn't tell something was wrong with me then they obviously didn't notice me enough, or care enough to notice.

My whole world seemed to be falling apart in seconds, right in front of me. It was all too much. It was all I could do to sit down from the overwhelming emotions flooding my system. I ate absently, aching and then feeling numb. I felt like I was on auto pilot when I showered and dressed. Then the anger took over again, along with the ache and ran to my room in a fury, grabbing paper and a pen. I then composed letters, letters I would probably never send, but I needed to get the words out of my head.

It was eleven when I sat down in the lounge, completely exhausted. I was tired of everything. The amount I'd written in my anger and all my previous whirling emotions sapped me of energy, leaving me blank and hollow and I hated it. Underneath it all, I could hear myself screaming to run away, to leave my family or at least tell them the truth, but on the surface I felt dead. I was too weary to move and too hurt to care. I stared at the clock without thinking, lost in my own misery...

It was right then that I heard the distant sound of keys jangling. I stopped breathing as I heard the lock of the front door. I forced myself to turn round as the front door clicked open. The sight that greeted me brought all feelings and breathing to a stop. It was because Talon was here. I hadn't been dreading him or waiting for him but he was here, standing there with a sly smile upon his handsome face.

Adrenaline thrummed within my veins and I felt my body burn in terror. Half of me felt like it was all a nightmare and the other half was sending waves of heat down my legs, telling me to run, but I couldn't. I could only be still. Frozen in my curled position on the sofa, I watched as Talon drifted in with an evil gleam in his eyes, and a wicked smile on his face.

"Jace," he greeted me silkily, after he closed and re-locked the door. Dread pooled at the bottom of my stomach at the sight and I flinched as he approached. He was going to make me pay for hitting him, he was going to make me give him what he had wanted all along and I still couldn't move. He stared down on me with glittering eyes and I gazed back, petrified. I was like an animal caught underneath the claws of a predator, completely transfixed in the terrifying image of the predator's jaws. He chuckled before reaching forward, and I let out a yelp as he bent down and dragged me off the sofa and onto the floor, quickly straddling me with a smirk.

"Do you know what I'm going to do Jace?" he asked me mockingly, and I felt the tears blur up my eyesight. He leaned down slowly, drawing out the moment of terror, grinning as he went, and licked up my tears. The act made me gasp and lash out, arms raising to hit him. He swiftly seized my wrists and pinned them down. I met his gleeful stare, feeling the tears burning my eyes.

"Get off me," I pleaded pathetically, and he laughed.

"I'm never gonna stop 'getting off' you Jace," he snickered, amused at his own joke, knowing well that the words would twist up my insides to a sickening mush. With a final smile he leaned down and forced his mouth upon mine, leaving me breathless and terrified.

The words 'please' and 'no' and 'stop' were words that emitted from my mouth without any liberation. In the end it all sounded like a chant to me, like a CD stuck on repeat, muffled in the background as the pain became the foremost thing in my mind. Over and over again I knew though, I could faintly hear them as I whispered, screamed and murmured these words, never stopping, not even when he gnashed his teeth into my neck to shut me up. I couldn't stop speaking those words.

Words didn't stop it, crying didn't stop it; nothing I did was stopping Talon from destroying me. I was utterly helpless, begging like a little child for it all to end, but it did not end and it felt like it lasted forever. Noise was an odd distant thing, either not heard or only registered minutes later like an echo. His laughter and moans, my whimpers and screams, they came through in and out like a radio with bad signal.

His lips would move against my ear but the words went unheard, drowned out by the pain wrecking throughout my body. Until in the end my mind just slipped away like water and I pictured Roxanna and her smile, I pictured my childhood with May when life was simple, without pain and secrets.

The chant went on like a dull tone in the back of mind. Everything else came back and forth. I would hear nothing, feel nothing, then would hear and feel everything at once, bringing out screams of hysteria as it all came back to me what was happening to me. I could not escape for long, not when the real pain started.

I tried to concentrate on the pain of his nails digging into my hips while he whispered filth into my ears, but the intensifying pain shooting up my back broke all attempts. I was left finally just writhing in agony, eyes screwed shut and sobbing for all I was worth, begging for respite….

So there is part 1. This is my first story on fiction press so let me know any errors. I scanned over it twice but it's still very easy to miss something :)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx