Title: Akadori
Status: Complete
Words: 2k
Warnings: Noncon Erotic situation.
Rating: FIRM T. 16+

This is a oneshot giftfic, requested by and created for Akadori.

The characters are from my most popular fantasy story: Without Light
and they include Heather, who's just a normal highschool girl and Kuroshi, who just happens to be prince of the Firebreather Shiren.

Through a crazy twist of fate, Heather wound up kidnapped and sold to Kuro, whose powerfully magical race keeps humans for Pets.

If you have not read Without Light, this story can serve as an appetizer. If you have, it will be a happy bonus. :) Please enjoy.



"What are you-"

"Shh." Kuroshi only continued trailing his kisses lower, ignoring Heather's rising discomfort. He'd already pinned her down on the bed, and knew that her fear wasn't anything to be concerned about. He'd seduced his fair share of virgins in the past. They were always a bit unsure at first, but could just as surely be… persuaded.

Unfortunately however, he'd never known anyone quite like Heather. The ensuing blinding white light and surge of pain were also not something he'd ever known. "Argh!" Kuro automatically reared back, a hand to his now heavily bleeding nose. "What was that for?"

Heather didn't have time to answer that question. She was too busy squirming out from under him, taking the opportunity to put as much distance between them as possible. Before she knew it she was standing on the other side of the room, completely out of breath. Her heart was thumping faster than she'd ever felt before, yet it was only now dawning on her that she'd just made a grave mistake. But what else was I supposed to do?

Unless she was totally insane, Kuroshi had just slid his fangs into her skimpy Pet top for a very particular reason. The 'top' was little more than a bra after all. Just one carefully aimed bite and the clasp between her breasts would have snapped and sent them spilling right out. Imagining that very humiliating scene, Heather immediately crossed her arms, tightly over her chest.
That's not happening. Ever.

Unfortunately the growling prince on the bed seemed to think differently. "Get your ass back here." His voice rang only two decibels below infuriated, promising pain. Those sharp red eyes didn't leave hers for even a second. "Right now."

She shook her head.

"I mean it. Come here, Pet. Now…"

"No…" It was more of a pleading whisper than true refusal. She knew she didn't have a choice.
He was her master after all; an infinitely more powerful dragon, merely disguised as a very handsome human. Kuroshi had not even bothered to leave his oversized bed, since he knew this much as well. Absently he shook his hand, letting the amber flecks of blood scatter. Blood; undoubtedly the most exciting, erotic substance on the planet. His entire body only surged with more persistent desire now, even in the face of her refusal. After all, it was for the rush of the hunt that he'd even bothered buying such a stubborn Pet human.

The wound was no insult. His dragon heritage meant it wouldn't last long anyway. Already the bleeding had stopped, and his mind was right back on track. Right back on the pretty little female he still wanted. "Come here."


"Don't make me say it again…"

She all but whimpered in reply. "Please-"

"No. Bring yourself right here, right now or so help me…" She moved. Just the tiniest, infinitesimal step closer, but his tone softened immediately. "Good girl."

No I'm not, she immediately thought, but didn't dare voice it aloud. I don't want to. I don't want this. And he probably knew but didn't care. Her body was shaking so badly that it soon grew difficult to walk. He seemed to be waiting patiently however, so maybe her knees wouldn't completely give out.

Excellent. She'd finally reached the side of the bed, but froze there. Those wavering brown eyes were already half-lidded. Fear and intense sadness; he could smell both, radiating heavily from every inch of his beautiful Pet. Did she know they only made her more worthwhile?


She obeyed; crawling back onto the mattress on all fours. He liked her like that. The bed was so oversized that it made her look even more small, like a timid, sad little kitten...

Once she was close enough, Heather sat before him, trying not to sob aloud. She'd always known this day would come, ever since the first time she'd unsuccessfully tried to remove her own Pet clothes. Only he was meant to; the master everyone had expected to make his mark on that very first night.

"Scared?" He reclaimed his earlier position, seated comfortably atop her, but Heather sat in silence, refusing to give him the satisfaction of admittance.

Of course she was, but he wanted to hear her say it. Everything was sweeter coming from those quivering pink lips. His eyes took in her beauty swiftly then. Shoulder-length, dark brown hair; slightly wavy but infinitely soft, and a fair, flawless complexion. Warm chocolate eyes and sweet watermelon lips.

He absently waved a hand, summoning magic that took her by surprise. The torches lining the walls flared up, but then settled; their flames melting into a softer, blueish glow. The room now gently flickered just as softly, as if bathed in gentle moonlight. In response to another wave, the window curtains drew themselves and then Kuro seemed satisfied.

The darkness had his pupils growing huge and he'd leaned closer, but oh so slowly. Again Heather felt her heart pounding, but was much too stunned to move. She'd had him figured as the least romantic person she'd ever met. But maybe I was wrong. His eyes had changed in the soft blue light to a darker, alluring shade. Mysterious. And she was hard pressed to determine if this situation was a blessing or a curse. Initially the increased contact made her shiver, but he didn't seem to be startling her on purpose. One arm wrapped gingerly around, resting weightlessly against her back, and Kuro brought a hand up, almost as an afterthought, to wipe her stray tears away.

Those dark, intent eyes held her gaze for a long, breathless moment as he held her face in one hand. As if she were precious; delicate. He leaned in for a kiss, but paused just a hair's breadth away. The rest, she realized with a start, was left entirely up to her. He wants me to decide? She could hardly dare to believe it. But even after stalling for a full minute, he remained perfectly still. Those dark, intense eyes had already slid closed, and there Kuro waited with only the warmth of his breath touching her lips. Wow.

It was more consideration than she'd ever even dreamed he'd display. And, emboldened by this, Heather brought a hand up, just to feel his hair. No way could she have the courage to kiss him. But admittedly, she'd always wondered what these silken black locks would feel like. The man before her chuckled quietly, in response to the small sound of awe that escaped her then, and Kuro took it upon himself to tilt her face to the side. He pressed his lips fondly to her cheek at first, then trailed more kisses down her neck and along her collar. She didn't fail to notice his hands shifting to rest on her shoulders, and obediently lay back when he tried to guide her in that direction. The blankets felt cool against her back, unlike his warmth that settled on top. And it was only then, finally that she realized what had calmed him so completely.

Those kisses were interrupted for a moment, by an almost inaudible yawn. He's sleepy?

Oh, that's right! He'd said something about that earlier! 'Hibernation is soon, I guess…' Heather almost wanted to put her hands together and utter her undying gratitude to whatever god had just smiled down upon her, but decided to hold off, lest Kuro notice. The man atop her began to feel heavier then, and Heather quickly thought back to the only other time she'd seen a Shiren fall asleep. That dragon had acted just like this. Closed his eyes, even while still talking, but then suddenly lost consciousness.

At this rate, Kuroshi would be completely out in a matter of seconds. And well, it wouldn't hurt to wish him good night. She wrapped her arms around him in earnest, finally able to revel in his warmth, and made to return just one of the kisses he'd bathed onto her; chaste and feather light. Or, at least, that's what she had intended. Instead, the moment she dared touch them, his lips pressed fully to hers. The sound that escaped him then could only be described as sweet. It reminded her of a man who'd just been met with the very first taste of warm chocolate on his tongue; hungry yet infinitely pleased. That is what this kiss conveyed, and nothing else. After all too short a moment he broke away though, opting to nuzzle closer until his face was buried in her hair.


He snorted, too stubborn to admit, but she still moved to draw a blanket up over the both of them.
"I'll um… be here when you wake up, you know." Kuro didn't respond, but Heather felt him relax almost immediately. Those powerful arms still held her close. Stubborn and possessive, as usual, but in a way that was somehow endearing. His half-lidded, dark red eyes looked so much more like softened ruby.

"I'll stay." That whispered assurance seemed to mean something to him, or at least she hoped that it did. Either way Kuro seemed more resigned than before, even though he'd wanted so very much more.

He whispered one last thing, so quietly it completely escaped her, and then fell fast asleep, right there in her arms. Wow. He really does sleep.

She'd never seen him like this, especially not up so close. Kuroshi looked so handsome and peaceful. Master or not, dragon or not, it was he who'd be vulnerable now. Shiren, she already knew, were known to sleep for days on end. He trusts me this much? Enough to fall asleep in her arms? Well that was quite an honor. But oh, she wished she only knew what he'd said!

I love you? Pfft! Yeah right.

It was probably something more along the lines of…

Stubborn bitch.

That was such a Kuro thing to say. But she knew what he really meant. Heather shook her head then, unable to keep from smiling as she snuggled closer, imagining her own witty reply. And I love you too.


If you like what you see, and are new to my work, please do head over and take a look at the story that inspired this one "Without Light."
Cuz there's plenty more where that came from!

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