Once my dad and I were in a hardware store, and he couldn't find his sunglasses. He got fairly ticked, and said [as you might expect]
"Where are my sunglasses?"
Then, this lady walked by and said
"They're on top of your head"
Which illustrates the general kindness of human beings, and the sometimes stupidity of other people.
Once upon a time, there was a little frog called Jimbo. Jimbo was not a very happy frog. None of the other little frogs liked Jimbo. As a result of his unpopular status, Jimbo became very depressed. His life disintegrated into catching flies, sleeping, and playing hookey from Mr.'s Slimys Frog School. His parents were very disappointed in him. They wanted him to grow up to be the CEO of a fly-catching company, [which also shows the disadvantages of constrained destinies and parental expectations]
But Jimbo did not care about what his parents thought. So one day, he went to the bridge[frogs need bridges too] and prepared to jump off. Along came an old begger-frog. The old beggar frog called out to Jimbo.
"Why are you jumping?" he said.
"I am a very depressed little frog and have no friends."
The old begger-frog thought about this a moment then said
"Well, I would recommend Speecid. But, you are a special case. Why don't we talk about your feelings?'
Jimbo the frog thought a moment. Then he said
"I don't want to talk about my feelings with a smelly old begger frog. I came here to commit suicide, and that is exactly what I am going to do. And the world needs less begger frogs!"
So Jimbo grabbed the old begger frog's jacket and pulled him over the bridge. As Jimbo watched the old begger frog go SPLAT upon the hard pavement, he decided not to commit suicide. So he grew up, went to FIT [Froggie Technical Institute], became a robotics engineer, and built the best robotic fly-catching machine the world has ever seen. He lived a long happy life.
The moral of this story is to kill begger frogs. Who needs begger frogs anyway? Not me, I can tell you that. Another moral is to never listen to begger frogs, because they hardly ever have anything intelligent to say.