Everyone knows what ticks, fleas, and tape worms are. These critters vary in size and shape, but they all have a common goal; to feed on others. They are all parasites, and as everyone knows a parasite is an organism that lives on or in an organism of another species, known as a host, from the body of which it obtains nutriment.

They are designed specifically for what they feed upon. The tick has a hollow, needle-like mouth that pierces the skin of its host. An anesthesia-like quality in the tick's saliva prevents the host from feeling any pain. Tapeworms require two types of hosts in order to complete their lifecycle. As babies they enter cattle or other grass eating animals and live in the meat of the animal as they grow and develop. Once the meat of this animal is consumed, it is then lives the rest of its life in the intestinal tract absorbing nutrients through its skin. It then mates, and a section of the worm falls off and begins the process all over again. Fleas are well known for their jumping ability, yet what is not so well known is their bodies flexibility, making them almost impossible to squish. Each one of these guys are rather interesting, yet very creepy, critters.

I highly doubt that not many of you have associated any of these bugs with anything other than bugs. It has come to my attention that there are even more complicated variations of these parasites. Yet instead of blood or gut-juice, these parasites thrive off of the material possessions of others, and on the more complex scale, energy. Some of you are probably giving me weird faces right now, while others may be nodding their heads in sad realization. I'm sure you'll recognize what I mean when I say that everyone is infected with this critters; bugs or none bugs. They are often can be associated with even the most familiar faces you see every day. That's right. Humans. Human beings can be parasites, too.

Most of you may be struggling with this concept. So to make it easier, I'm going to give you a couple of scenarios that most of you may be familiar with. We cut down trees in the rainforest, decimating the animal population, and all types of flora. In our wake we leave nothing behind, and deserts slowly encroach the once fertile and beautiful rainforests… How about when a government raises the taxes on an economy that is already doing too poorly to promote a healthy one… Or how about when that special someone sits around the house eating bonbons and drinking beer while you slave away with keeping the house clean, work, and all other manner of things that leave you too exhausted to have any time to yourself.

Does any of that sound familiar? It should, because I am quite positive that at least once in our lives we come across a parasitical human being. We are quite familiar with the big parasites out there. That's why we are "Going Green", and printing off more money for the "Stimulus Package". Yet with all of those big ticks sucking on our skins, we often fail to recognize the ones that are sucking us dry from within. These 'internal parasites' are the ones that are personally attached to us. Be it friends, family, girlfriend or boyfriend, or spouse. We live our lives with them because we 'must'; because they give us that sense of 'love' that we believe no one else in the world could never give us.

Well I can tell you one thing right now. YOU DO NOT HAVE TOO. In fact, it's best for both parties if you don't. You get to keep the energy that you need to do what you desire to do in this world, and, hopefully, that parasite you know will evolve in such a way that he or she doesn't need to be a non-supportive consumer anymore and become a producer of good energy and good things. But first we need to learn to recognize these parasitical individuals, because sometimes we are truly blind to their existence.

To begin, I highly recommend having alone time with yourself. Meditate, pray, read a book (preferably one that doesn't get you thinking about the meaning of life. You need to be able to open your ears and listen to what the Creator has to tell you.) , listen to soothing music, anything that takes your mind off of the day to day stress. Once you are at ease, you can begin the next phase.

Let one person come to your mind, a good friend that has been to the heights of your happiness and the depths of despair. Recall every fleeting moment, every cherished memory, every pain you shared with this person. Note the characteristics of this person. If you are struggling with finding any person you have looked up to in your life. Think of many people who have helped you in a positive way. Can you remember their characteristics?

You may come to recognize them immediately, or it may take some time, but they are easily recognizable traits that were once considered the 'Code of Honor'. They are, but not excluded too, Loyalty, Love, Compassion, Honesty, Generosity, and Patience. All of these traits are pretty self-explanatory; all except love, that is. Love often has the most controversy because of the "Free love" age of the Hippies and the "Same Sex Marriage" of today. In this love was abused in the wishes of people to having a good time and sharing the euphoria or "high" that comes from love. Love is, and this is the interesting part, Patience. Love is Kindness. Love is Truth, Unselfish, Trust, Belief, Hope, and Endurance. Love encompasses all that is Good, and it is the people who strive to be good also strive to Love.

Granted, nobody is perfect, and to expect someone to follow this definition of love to the "T" all the time is frivolous, but as long as we have the patience to endure through our downfalls than surely you are practicing love even in your anger and frustration. So the next time you see your suitor, family member or friend and he or she is not even willing to be patient enough with you to try to understand. Than perhaps this person doesn't love you as they claim they do. Remember actions speak louder than words. If this person doesn't seem to put any effort into caring for you, especially without expecting something in return, than this person is probably a parasite.

There are some parasites out there who put out a good front. They remain reclusive, and just when you have about ready to give up on them, they do a small thing to make you feel loved; however minor. And you, trying to be the patient one, thinks, Oh he's not perfect. He's trying. He may have let me down the other day, but he was here for me today... Really? Pause that for a second. What does a tick do? The anesthesia-like quality of the saliva numbs the pain. Love is a verb. It requires action. Its not here one day and gone the next. All because he gave you flowers today, whispering sweet nothings in your ear, doesn't mean he loves you when he sleeps with another woman tomorrow. Love is a conscious effort to change, to become a better person each day.

Once you begin to recognize who are the parasites among you, one thing needs to be considered. How do you remove the parasite while still practicing love to its fullest? The traditional method in the bug world is by eating things that make the blood taste bitter or hot. Garlic is a typical remedy. Not that I'm recommending you all to eat a bunch of garlic and then breath in your lover's face! That's not being very kind. No; in today's society the best thing to do is to remove this person from your life. It may be hard, and it may be considered callous, but it benefits you none if he keeps sucking life out of you, and it benefits him or her none because they will never learn to change, and hopefully, for the better. You must develop an immunity to this fellow so that way he or she cannot re-infest you. As for the other people out there that come I contact with these humanoid parasites, all you can do is hope and pray that they do the same thing. Eventually, with no one available to make his host, he will have to evolve in order to survive...

Breathe deep, and seek Peace always, my Friends.