This entire article was inspired by watching an episode of Smallville where Chloe Sullivan says to Clark Kent, "You can't expect yourself to just fall in and out of love, Clark." For some odd reason, I was reminded of a bouncy ball... What a perfect example of what Chloe was trying to say.

Love is valued highly by all. It is more valuable than money. More valuable than power. We have stolen for it. We have even killed for it. Love is a hefty thing; with weight, and responsibility. It is powerful: so powerful it can knock you off your feet. This kind of love is a bowling ball.

Some kinds of love can be described as a bouncy ball. Bouncy balls are a lot of fun. Their rubber nature makes them delightful, but their bounce can sometimes be unpredictable, leaving you scrambling after it. They are small and can fit in your pocket and taken wherever you go. Not to mention cheap and easy to come by. When that blue one gets broken or dirty, put a quarter in and there is a brand new bright pink one! This kind of love is a dime a dozen. The value of this love seems high at first, but as it is scuffed by each bounce, we regard it with more and more distaste until finally we throw it away for something newer, shinier, and perceivably more grand.

The bowling ball is big and heavy. Its awkward to carry and hurts like heck when you drop it on your toe. Bowling balls are expensive, but the best part is that when you invest that much into something you make sure its the best fit for you. The thing also about bowling balls, is that all that's needed is one push and that ball's momentum will carry it straight and true as long as your own efforts are straight and true. Sometimes they'll be gutter balls, and sometimes you don't always hit it just right, but with patience and practice a strike will come more often. And once your effort has been made, gutter ball or strike, that ball comes right back to you so you can keep playing the game. That kind of love is time-consuming. Its costly, not necessarily monetarily, but definitely energetically, and can sometimes be painful or disappointing. Yet it fits like a glove. The effort it takes works with you and not against you. Its constant and by far more rewarding in the long run.

So as such, what is it that you look for? Do you want the cheap, everyone-has-one, love? Or do you want one that is going to last the years? One that fits your individuality and works with, and balances out your own unique self? For me? I have always liked bouncy balls, but I LOVE bowling. I think its far more worth it, don't you?