A/N: This poem is dedicated to my twin sister. It may not be my best work, but I've been wanting to do something like this for awhile now. For me, school is starting up soon and it's pretty depressing. Not only is there going to be tons of work, but it'll be another year of teachers being unable to tell us apart—"Is there anyway to tell you and your sister apart?" or "How do your parents tell you apart?" Our mannerisms are very different, so speaking to us each once should make it easier to tell us apart!

Even though others may claim
That you and I are both the same,
The difference lies deep inside
A ribcage where our hearts abide.

Like Scott Joplin's Entertainer,
You're the amusing non-complainer.
You live a guilt-free life anew
Where nothing seems to bother you.

It seems that I am not so candid—
Social assemblies leave me stranded.
I cry so often, a world too heavy to bear,
And keep the secrets that I should share.

With corresponding red hair, grey eyes,
Our dignity built up through lies,
I see how we could be marked the same
When it's others who make the claim.

"Kimi no sugata wa boku ni niteiru
Shizuka ni naiteru you ni mune ni hibiku"
—Kimi wa Boku ni Niteiru

A/N: Credits go to See-Saw for giving me inspiration. Your song is absolutely beautiful, and it actually made me want to write this when I'd been putting it off for so long. Again, there are a lot of problems with this that I'm not in the mood to fix, though I might someday. This poem is written in an A, A, B, B format, though my rhyming is pretty lousy.