Just Keep Walking
By Broken Angel

It hurts to see you walk by.
It hurts you see you go.
Didn't you care for me at one time?
Or was that all a show?

You won't get out of my head.
You won't get out of my heart.
Why'd you let me fall for you?
Why did this even start?

I can't make a move.
I can't make a sound.
You left me with my heart broken.
And my head spinning 'round and 'round.

I thought love was great.
I thought love was for me.
But if this is what it's like,
Then please just let me be.

Just keep walking.
Just for far away.
Don't come back at all.
Then maybe I'll be okay.

I'm moving on from you.
I'm moving on from this.
I'm forgetting ever touch.
Forgetting every kiss.

Don't turn back around.
Don't reopen the door.
I would say I still miss you.
But really, I just don't care anymore.


Hope you enjoyed.
Poetry's not my best thing.