by Lerene

Summary: Welcome to the Future, where - what do you know - the paranormal community is real.

Nicki is a sheep among wolves. Or to be more to the point she's a human among many different paranormal predators. Being humans she's the bottom of the food chain but she doesn't allow that to change anything. She lives with her odd ball roommate and every so many months she goes to the Black Cross and donates bloods for the vampires. She lives a pretty normal life for someone in her situation. Maybe even lived a laid back life compared to the other humans.

But one night her life is changed forever.

Tye is a very powerful, dangerous paranormal predator that works as a Hunter for the Guardianship; the police of the paranormal world. He takes his job very serious and the last thing on his mind is getting into a relationship. But the Fates seem to have other plans for him.

Category: Paranormal Romance

Genre: Drama, Supernatural, Romance, Humor

Rating: Future chapters will be of an M rating. The first few will be T

Note: This chapter here is the prologue and is the backstory to give a bit of an understanding of this unique world I made. The rest of the story is much better than this and if you find the prologue uninteresting I understand you wanting to skip it and move on to chapter 1, things in this will be explained throughout the story as well.

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A few years back our world changed forever. And it wasn't in a way anyone expected. People expected a natural disaster, Global Warming, or terrorism.

But this. No one expected this turn of events.

The day started like any other day. But when the sun went down the terror began. The human race learned something important very quickly; they weren't alone in this world.

Turns out, the creatures we only thought as monsters in horrors stories and movies were real. Vampires and Werewolves came out that night to prove to the world that they were among us. And surprisingly they didn't prove themselves in a good way.

These creatures came out in great numbers, attacking and killing in even greater numbers.

It wasn't long after these they came out that people began to wonder if other creatures were real as well. The wait for an answer wasn't long as other things began to show themselves, some willing but most unwilling to be found out in such a dark time. The willing ones came out in hope of becoming the superior race and bring the human down to their knees, or as slave; or worse, their next meal. While the unwilling ones preferred to stay hidden and not put themselves in danger from the human paranoia of.

The human race suffered many nights in fear for their lives. People barely left their homes in the daytime and as soon as night fell they would lock themselves in their homes. Literally, they would board themselves in their homes after they quickly learned that the whole myth about a vampire needing to be invited in turned out to be false. They weren't sure about the thing about garlic but they posted that around their homes anyway. Thick boards covered the windows and doors to reduce a non-human's chance of getting into the homes. Dressers were pulled in front of windows or doors to slow the entrance of those braking in. Weapons were kept within reach; guns, knives, stakes, iron rods, and other such objects. Many of the guns people had were illegal; not licensed or registered. If the person was lucky to have a basement, they usually slept and sometimes lived down there.

Things were like that for a few weeks. People just stayed locked in their homes as death piled up on their streets. The streets stained red with blood. But after a while groups of humans started to band together, this was their world and they were going to fight to keep it. It was their world first they thought, completely ignoring the fact that theses creatures have always been around. It just that the creature didn't show themselves until now. These people went out there killing and slaying creatures that they didn't understand and weren't willing to learn about. People attacked people they once called neighbour or friend when they learned these people weren't humans as they once thought. Most of the creatures slain were ones that just wanted to live in harmony among the humans. Because of these murders it caused their families to want to seek revenge.

The end result was that matters were made worse.

It was a dark time in both human and supernatural creature history.

The death toll started to really pile up in both communities as the months progressed. And no one was liking all the death. The human didn't want to live in fear and neither did the supernatural creatures. The world was a place of blood and darkness now. The sky burned red like blood;the land looked dead without the green that normal grew.

Both communities had different opinions on how things should be resolved. The humans thought the paranormal creatures should go back to the black hole that they crawled from and leave the humans alone. The Paranormal world thought that the two world should find a way to live together. The Paranormal creatures no longer wanted to go back to the darkness they lived in. And because of the Rogues that exposed them in the first place, they no longer could live the lives that they once had. There is no turning back, not anymore.

So things continued; neither group getting any closer to solving the problem. The human wouldn't listen to what the non-humans had to say. And the non-humans wouldn't change their opinions on what they thought should happen.

After nearly seven months, thing finally took a change. It was around this time when a new group was out stopping the violence caused by the paranormal creatures and this new group were paranormal creatures themself. The paranormal creatures proposed to the humans that they would police the rogues among them if the humans stopped their slaying and policed their own kind. Reluctantly the humans agreed as long as the paranormal creatures agreed to the laws they were going to make.

The paranormal community agreed that they would follow and enforce the laws as long as things were fair. They also agreed to help rebuild the destruction that was caused by the evil ones among them. But the did not agree to share the details on the weakness or ways to kill those among them because it would cause more unwanted, unneeded murder.

So the Guardianship police force was made to control the supernatural creatures that the human police force couldn't handle.

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