by Lerene

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Chapter 14

"Are you serious," Miles voice said through the phone. Some munching followed his words as he ate chips or something.

Nicki sighed and rolled over on her side where she was laying on the couch. "Yeah there was no doubt what that smear on the window was." The Kitten she was fostering laid asleep in a pair of Tye's shoes that he left by the coffee table. Poppy laid around the shoe protecting the little kitty.

Miles snorted. "Did he denied it when he saw you looking at it?" Then he coughed as he choked on his chip.

"No," Nicki said petting the kitten on the head. Then she had to pet Poppy when she gave a sad whine. "In fact he tried to explain and excuse himself for it." She sighed again as she thought about it. She was shocked when she enter the room and saw the smudge. At first she didn't realize what it was then it hit her. It was the shape of someone butt. That was when Tye walked in. She was grossed out at the time. Now she felt something else. A nasty green shade of jealousy.

Why was jealousy consider green?

"That's rich, what did he say to excuse himself?"

Nicki shook herself out of her random thoughts. "That it was something that happened long time ago."

"Seriously? That's pathetic. He left it there to stroke his ego." Miles munched on more chips and with a mouthful sad, "Come also be a lazy fuck."

Nicki couldn't help smiling as she rolled to her back. "You've only calling him pathetic because your on the phone."

Miles sniggered. "Well I'm not that stupid. Or you can say I'm becoming a fast learner with Tye now."

"I guess that counts for something then," Nicki teased. The distraction was very helpful. Miles was great for that.

Miles made a weird noise. "I thought we were bad mouthing Tye! Not me!"

"I can't do both," Nicki asked. Talking and teasing with Miles was doing doing wonders about putting him in a better mood.

Protesting sounds came through the phone followed by a sigh. Miles knew her well.

"How are things at your parents," Nicki finally asked. She wasn't sure if she really wanted to know.

A snort vibrated through the phone. "You don't want to know," Miles said.

"I do," she didn't but she needed to know if her Uncle fixed things. It was wishful thinking she knew to have things fixed in a day.

Miles sighed again, "They been arguing."


"Don't be," Miles said, "My mom is being an idiot."

Puppy whining come from the floor.

"Miles I had to go, Poppy needs to go for a walk."

"Okay, I'll give you a call when I'm high on pain killers." Miles said

"Idiot," Nicki said with a laugh. She hung up after he laughed at her. "Okay Poppy, lets go for a walk." She grabbed the kitten to place her in her carrier so she wouldn't get in trouble while Nicki was walking Poppy.



"What," Tye grumbled against his arm. He was still standing at the railing in the upper private level of Fancy Feline. He couldn't believe the bomb that Saber dropped on him.

"Stop brooding," Saber said. "I was teasing."

Tye's eye's narrowed as he stood up straight. "What are you talking about?" he asked a quiet, dangerous voice.

Saber had a shit eaters grin on his face. "I lied. But with how many people she's sleep with, prostitute isn't a misleading term."

"You asshole!" Tye yelled slamming his fist against the railing. The few patrons that were in glanced up at him then went to whimpering to each other. Tye didn't care what they were saying about him. He had a friend whose ass needed to kicked.

Saber's grin grew. "It's what friends do. Plus, pay back is a bitch."

Tye's eye's narrowed. "Payback? For pissing you off a few minutes ago?"

"No, for knowingly letting me sleep with a Phaser," Saber said walking away.

A Phaser was an unique type of creature that could shape shift to make themselves look like anyone they want. Including gender. They could fully change their body from Male to Female. They only limit they had in they had in their shifting, or what they call phasing, is they stay the same height and body mass for the most part.

"Fuck, You're still harping on that," Tye said turning around to look at the jack ass he called a friend. "That happened like five years ago. And you need to get laid so bad."

Saber's eyes narrowed, "Speaking of someone who needs to get laid."



Nicki sat on a bench in the lobby of Tye's apartment building. Twenty minutes earlier she went down the elevator so she could take Poppy for a much needed walk. After Poppy did her business, they made it back inside when Nicki noticed her mistake. She had no way of getting back upstairs. To open the door to the elevator she needed a special key or have someone upstairs open the door. She didn't have either.

Now she was stuck down here until Tye came back. She thought a moment about talking to the manager or whoever sat at the desk, but she quickly dismissed the idea. The guy wouldn't let her up. He would probably think she was a crazy ex or something. Something like the Ass Print Girl.

She didn't understand why that bothered her so much. Why was she jealous? Why should she care if he had a past sex life. She had a past sex life; hers was pathetic and sucked. Maybe that was why she was jealous and hated the mystery woman.


"Hush, Poppy." Nicki said exiting her thoughts. "No barking." She looked up to see why her dog was barking to see a thin guy with too much makeup walking by. His eyes were outlined in thick black eyeliner. The eyeliner was also drawn down the side of his nose from the corner of his eyes. The makeup, plus the neon blue mess shirt screamed that the guy was clubbing all night and was just now getting back.


Nicki flinched when the guy looked over his shoulder with his lip pulled up in distain. "Disgusting creature," the guy said walking by.

"Sorry," Nicki said pathetically putting her hand on Poppy's muzzle to quiet her.

The guy eyes looked Nicki up and down but no interest let them. "Lose the dog and some weight and you may catch something other than fleas." Then he walked to the private top level elevator. The same one as Tye.

Nicki was so shock at first she didn't react. No one ever came out and said that to her. She knew that people thought her fat, their eyes said it. But no one came out and said it.


Nicki turned her head to see Tye walking over to her.

"What are you doing down here?" he asked in a curious manner as he came closer.

"Poppy needed to go out." Nicki's voice sounded numb to her own ears. She blinked when she felt Tye's fingers on her checks. It caused her to notice that she been crying again.

"I am sorry for what you saw on the window," he said kneeling in front of her. Poppy wiggled her way between the two of them. Tye looked down at the puppy and put a hand on her white head.

"I'm not crying about that," Nicki said quietly. She looked down at Poppy but noticed that caused her to look at a jean covered part of his anatomy. She blushed and looked away hopping that he didn't notice. Not that it mattered, why would he care if a fat cow looked at him.

Tye looked back at her. "And I'm sorry for not thinking to give you the key and password to the elevator."

"I'm not crying about that either. Can we go upstairs?"

"Sure, but let me talk to the manger about the key."

Nicki rubbed her arm, "Can you do it later."

Tye blinked and nodded his head at her, "Sure." Concern cover his face, but she feared it would turn to pity when he learn what really had her upset. Tye stood up and reached a hand down to help her to her feet. Shyly she grabbed his hand and followed him to the elevator.

At the elevator Tye used his key to open the door. After the door opened the two of them, plus Poppy, entered the metal room. Tye put the key in again then typed in the password. The door closed and they made their slow trek up to the top floor.

Nicki lead against one corner of the elevator feeling miserable. She hated how that one guy's words were affecting her so much. She never realized it would hurt so much. She looked to her right at the sound of Tye grinding his jaw. She could feel his aggression and see his confusion. He was mad that she was so upset but confused about the exact cause. But he wasn't the cause this time. Which had her wondering.

"Did you mean what you said the other day?"

That had Tye's aggression lessen and his confusion to rise. He turn his head and frowned at her. "What did I say?"

Nicki rubbed her one arm as she looked down at her dog. Poppy just sat there on the floor. "That you didn't mind my shape."

A smile broke across Tye's handsome face as his aggression and confusion vanished. "Ah course I do. Love curves." He reached a hand out and petted her check with the back of his hand. Then he frowned. "Someone said otherwise just before I arrived. Who?" A few stripes flashed on his checks for a few seconds. "The Guard?"

"No," Nicki said shaking her head. "It doesn't matter."

"Nicki," Tye said moving in front of her.

She shrugged a shoulder, "Some guy with too much make up."

"Ben." Tye said the name like it was a curse word. He looked up at the ceiling then shook his head.

Next thing Nicki knew, Tye grabbed her by her outer thighs and lifted her up. She gasped in shock and dropped Poppy's lease. She grabbed his shoulders expecting him to drop her. Instead he lifted her so her eyes were level with his. Her legs were wrapped around his mid-section before she realized it. As soon as her legs locked around him Tye moved his hands to holding her ass. He wasn't even moving to move her to lean against the wall. "I'll hurt your back." Was that her breathless voice? Holly crap.

"No you wont," he said smiling at her. "Shifter remember. And ignore Ben, that asshole likes his women with eating disorders and curves made in the doctor office. I like . . . I love real women. I want a woman with real curves. Curves that Mother Nature gave you. I'll show you how much I love your curses." And Tye's mouth landed on hers.

Nicki gasped in shock not expecting the kiss. That gasp allowed Tye's tongue to dart inside. His tongue played with her tongue. It stroked the inside of her mouth.

The kiss was hot, demanding and completely turned her on. She never been kissed like this before. Never been turned on so much from just a kiss. But it wasn't just a kiss. She didn't have a brain anymore. Fuck, what was a brain? She was so lost in lust she didn't know what was going on around her. Her world revolve around what Tye's mouth and tongue was doing to her.

Fuck when did they lay down on the couch, let alone enter the apartment?

Oh who cares! Tye's tongue was in her mouth and his big hands were playing with her body.

She was so hot! So hot!

She whimpered when his mouth left hers but it just moved to her jaw. Then her ear. Her neck. Her collarbone.

Oh God! It felt unbelievably good!

Tye licked and sucked on the bone. Then the kiss became a hard bit causing Nicki to gasp in pain. All the pleasure fizzing away at the sharp pain.

Tye bairly bit her before he ripped himself off her and slammed himself behind a door.

Nicki slowly sat up and put a hand were shoulder meet neck. What just happened? She felt warmth on her fingers so she pulled her fingers away to see she was bleeding.


Tye was breathing heavy as he lead against the door. He was also shaking. He reached a shaky hand in his pocket to receive his cell phone and quickly dialed a number. It rang a few times before the person answered.

"Tye, my boy, it's been a while."

"Dad, I almost turned into a Berserker." Tye didn't know how he got the words out.

The line went dead for a while before his dad said a quiet sad, "What?"

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