Chapter 1: The Dream

Darkness was all around her- but it was not a heavy fog like before. She'd had this dream many times- the screaming voices, the shattered glass, the thundering foot falls. Her ears would be filled with deafening noise but she saw nothing, except now she could almost see shadows in the corners of her eyes and feel the cold pressure of fear pressing down on her. She knew if she just concentrated enough, the fog would lift and she would be able to see, but she was afraid, so afraid that what she saw could change her life forever…

But then she'd wake up, and everything would make sense again.

Kali Clark opened her eyes and sighed- today was Monday, and that meant school, and that meant a French test she hadn't studied for- and she'd had that dream last night, which was never a good start to one's day. As she got dressed and brushed her teeth, she contemplated going to school. Every night she had that dream, the day that followed was always a living nightmare she'd rather not ever remember. It ranged from getting a horrible grade on an assignment (which she'd worked hard on), to falling down in the lunchroom (someone had tripped her, she was sure of it), to being insanely picked on by her teachers (she wasn't even talking or passing notes), to being caught cheating on a test (when she knew she hadn't), to being grounded for a month (she hadn't even begun to reason why). It wasn't fair, and Kali Clark was tired of it.


"But mother!"

Kali's mother looked down sternly and said, "You are not sick, Kalandra, that is clear enough, and your dad and I have work today. You will-be-going-to-school! I am sick of your disobedience!"

Kali grabbed her bag and slammed the door behind her. Her mother could be impossible sometimes- she could never give her break, not once. Kali could never go out with friends, never join any clubs, never do anything without her permission- yet when Kali was at home (and that was all the time) her parents wouldn't speak to her and would work in their offices until she called them for dinner. But that's how all parents are- she was sure, of course she'd never been to anyone else's house before to know the difference.

As she walked down the sidewalk, she wondered about possibly skipping school altogether… but she couldn't do that- she was too afraid to be on her own, and her mom would probably call the front desk to see if she arrived. She'd done so before when Kali was late to class because of construction a few weeks ago.

"Hey Sven!" she called to the brown-haired boy ahead of her.

"Kali!" he said as he ran over to her. "What's wrong?" he asked when he saw her face.

"Nothing, it's just that I had that dream last night" she whispered. Sven instantly tensed and looked around warily.

"Same as always?"

"Yeah, but the fog was thinner almost. I felt like I could almost see behind it. I wanted to skip school but mother was super insistent about it"

"Don't worry about it, you'll get through today alright"

"I hope" Kali sighed and smiled up at Sven. Sven had been Kali's friend for years. His parents supposedly worked with her parents but she had never met them before or ever seen them. Sven was the only person Kali talked to about her feelings and fears- and the only person she'd ever told about the dream. He'd always listen to her and comfort her no matter what. If she had to do a group project and nobody wanted to be her partner, he was there, or if a baseball was ever flying towards her head he would always somehow catch it. Everyone at school was under the impression that they were a couple, or at least that Sven was wildly in love with the quiet smart girl Kali Clark- but it wasn't like that, Kali thought. Sven was just her closest friend and had always been.

And if there was anyone that she was in love with, it would be her new young substitute English teacher Mr. Darkwood. All the girls liked him- and he knew it. His wavy black hair was always perfect and he towered over them regally, walking slowly past each row reciting Shakespeare in a deep, gravely voice. And all the guys hated him- especially Sven. It was something to do with his accent, Sven says, that makes him hate Mr. Darkwood so much. Although, Kali thought he had a lovely accent- rich and exotic.

Kali had never thought about guys before, nor had she ever had the chance. Sven seemed to repel any guy who had ever taken an interest in her even back in middle school. And now here she was, seventeen and never been kissed. Of course, many girls had liked Sven- what with him being tall and handsome, with sparkling green eyes and light brown hair, and being strangely mature for his age. She knew firsthand exactly who these girls were- mainly because they would begin to pass nasty notes to her and alienate her from the rest of the class, well, not that she needed any help with that.

Kali always felt she was different from other girls her age. She was very smart, photographic memory and all, but very shy from never having any other friends besides Sven. Although, when she had met up with other girls (this being only once three years ago) she couldn't stand how fake and shallow they were- and the conversations were never vaguely interesting. It was only gossip- fashion, movies, and the new t.v. show last night (Kali's mom believed t.v. was a waste of time, and therefore never bothered to buy one). And the guys were no better…except Sven, but he just did not talk much anyways.

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