Chapter 1

One night in Napa Lauren is in a sheer skilk and sexy nightgown and Peter has just sat down nex to Lauren on the bed and is handing her a glass of water

she takes a sip

''mmm thank you hun.'' she tells him

''welcome.'' he tells her and Roman comes to the door way

''daddy?'' Roman questions

Lauren looks around Peter and tries to cover her exposed self more.

''hey kido.'' she says

''hwi.'' he says

''what's up do you need something?'' Lauren asks him

Roman just shakes his head and runs away to his room.

Peter kisses Lauren passionately.

Lauren kisses him back ''mmm.'' she moans in his mouth

Peter pulls back.

Lauren looks up at him with her big beautiful blue eyes.

''I'll be right back.'' he tells her

''okay.'' she says and smiles and watches him leave the room

Peter follows Roman to his rooom.

''what buddy?'' Peter questions him

''daddy!'' Roman says

'twucks?'' Roman asks him handing him a truck

''no buddy it's late and time for bed we can play trucks in the morning.'' Peter tells him

Roman just pouts and gives him the pout he gives Lauren that makes them give into anything.

''ok ok trucks for 5 minutes.'' Peter tells him

''yay!'' Roman says

Peter plays trucks with him for a little while and Lauren gets lonely and walks down the hallway and stands in the doorway of Roman's room watching Peter and Roman play trucks and just smiles watching them bond.