"I-I didn't think he would do this..."

"Okay, tell us exactly what happened?" said the police officer

The news reporter came and said "Can you tell us how it happened and what might have caused him to jump?"

"He went through so much this past week but he seemed happy..."

After awhile, a body was loaded into the transit where it would be transported to the hospital for autopsy.

Several employees gathers and one of them said "It's like yesterday that we planned a surprise party for him,"

Then the boss came and said "You guys better not tell anyone what really happened or we all go down together!"

Everyone nods in agreement...

Just a week before, Jack King Rowley was a businessman living a life of luxury when he receives a phone call that would change his life.

"Jack, is that you? This is important! Your aunt...she passed away..."

Stunned, Jack drops the phone knowing full well what it means, another member of his family just kicked the bucket!

Rawley family have an unfortunate history of suicides, many of which are unavoidable due to painful health problems. Shortly before moving to Australia with his wife, one of his uncles whom he called "Uncle Joe" chose to end his life after spending few years suffering from "Downey's Will" which was named as such by his relatives only because of the seizures he had after visiting a city in California few years before during vacation. Two years later, his other uncle named Jim offed himself by slitting himself in the throat with his beloved Johnny Cash records after getting fired from the record store for stealing Johnny Cash's "Greatest Hits" albums. His suicide wasn't confirmed until PC Fred Ross made an announcement regarding what happened. In 2006, his younger cousin Julia who was 16, killed herself despite being a college hopeful with a bright future. It was later discovered that she have been flamed by a internet troll with a case of "ITGS" (Internet Tough Guy Syndrome), resulting in her low self-esteem and later depression. Unfortunately the Cyber-Criminal Justice Assistance Programme weren't able to track down the said internet troll due to a massive budget cut which forced them to use outdated equipments and laid off several workers in the process.

Jack knows that there's a good chance the "family curse" may follow him and tries to do what he can to stay upbeat. Little did he know, the worst has yet to come...

Upon arriving home, he saw something hanging on a rope tied to the lamp attached the ceiling. Wondering what it could be, Jack turns on the light and to his horror, something hanging turns out to be his pet dog "Lucky" and there's a note lying right below it's lifeless body.

Jacks picks up a note and it reads...

Dear Master:

Although you have taken care of me for all these years, I realize that the reason you did that so you would sell me for food. I know because some of the neighborhood dogs told me and I was crushed, how could you!

For that I lost my will to live and so with that I decided to end my life on my own terms, farewell you monster!

Sincerely, Lucky

"I can't believe my dog's that gullible!" said Jack while ignoring the fact that his dog somehow managed to hang himself.


"Hey, Jack's birthday is coming up, let's prepare an office party!" said Mr. Smith (Jack's flamboyant boss)

"Why?" said one of the employees

"Seriously, why is he special?" said the other

Mr. Smith sighs and said "We hold a party for every worker's birthday,"

"But you never throw one for me!"

"As I recall, you ran out on your birthday party for some hooker,"

"It's not a hooker, it's my..."

"Sure, we believe you!" everyone said altogether

"Shut up!"

Then Mr. Smith said "Jack has a hard time right now, he's taking few days off so he can get himself together,"

"I heard about what happened, hope he'll be okay," said Paul (Jack's friend)

Then another one of Jack's coworkers said "I heard about his family's history, it's really bad!"

"And I thought the ipod kid was bad..."

For few days Jack was out being comforted by his wife, his boss and coworkers are preparing a surprise birthday party for him hoping to make him feel better. After finally recovering from the ordeal, Jack made his way to work when he notice something odd regarding his coworkers. For some reason they're awkwardly silent and many of them even walk right past him with any acknowledgment which cause him to wonder if it has something to do with the time off he have taken.

"Jack, we need to talk!" said Mr. Smith

Fearing the worst, Jack quietly comes into the office...

"Jack, do you wonder why I summoned you?" said Mr. Smith

"It's because I took few days off without asking, I know and I apologize for the inconvenience, I promise you it won't happen again," said Jack

"That's the problem, what happened to your relative is one thing but a dog?"


"Sorry Jack, in times like this we must move on..."

"I understand,"

"One more thing,"


Confetti starts raining down, balloons starts flying everywhere, and many people came out of nowhere wearing party hats.


Stunned, Jack couldn't believe it since many other birthday parties aren't as big as the one they're giving him, it's a pleasant surprise. After few minutes, something went wrong...Jack starts to feel a pain on the left side of his chest and begins to start nodding off.

"Jack, are you okay?" one said

"Are you tired?" said Mr. Smith

"No, I think I'm dying..." Jack groans before falling forward to the floor

After waiting for some time, Mr. Smith starts shaking him and said "Okay Jack stop messing around, it wasn't funny..."

Jack didn't move, his body remains motionless. Worried, Mr. Smith decides to check his pulse where after listening intently for several minutes, that's when he realize to his horror one of his best employees wasn't joking around, he's dead.

"Um...does anyone know CPR?" he asked

No one answers...

Know that they have to do something, instead of trying to get him to the hospital, they came up with a plan!

"Hey, since the cameras haven't been installed, we could just make it look like he killed himself," said Mr. Smith

Paul then stammers and said "But boss, that wasn't right...I mean shouldn't we ju-" before being cut off abruptly

"Shut up! Just shut up or you'll join him!"

Afterward everyone did what they were told and threw Jack's body through the glass window where it lands into a parked car...

"Now we swear to our graves that no one...no one will speak of this!" said Mr. Smith

Everyone agrees...

The End