Magic rode through the air

And into his lungs

It sang to the wind

In millions of tongues

From soft ruby lips

Her voice joined this song

And he felt like he

Should have sang along

Her eyes saw his soul

They were gorgeous, so dark

And he couldn't deny

In his chest was a spark

"Listen to me closely,"

Said she, in a voice so rich

And it hadn't occurred to him

That she might be a witch

Then out of her cloak

She pulled a dark rose

And its petals were the same

Onyx black as her clothes

A thorn stung her finger

So she quickly raised her hand

And he felt as though

He could hardly stand

Crimson blood fell on petals

And it left its stain

Then it kept on falling

Like a morbid kind of rain

Then the rose came to life

It flourished and it grew

But the events of the night

Were not nearly through

As the blood stopped falling

The rose shriveled and died

And as the man watched

He very nearly cried

Once more dark eyes were upon him

But he was silent with despair

And she held the rose out to him

Gently and with care

Then she whispered so softly,

"Love lives and love dies,

You'll find happiness, but

Also heartache and lies."

He looked at her sadly

Then softly shook his head

And he took the rose

Now shriveled and dead

Then the candles went out

And he was left in the dark

Alone with the rose

And the now long gone spark

He sighed as he thought of

Magic, wind, and those eyes

But he'd always remember

Falling in love wasn't wise

His beard has grown grey

And worn are his clothes

But still in his possession

Is that onyx rose