Sam Marsell-Anderson looked at his watch as he made his way to the Campus cafeteria where Caden was waiting for him. He had sounded worried that morning when he had called Sam and had asked to meet up. Caden, a guy 6ft4 -only 2 inches bigger than Sam- and well built, barely ever felt nervous; thus it worried Sam that he would start on the first year of university. His watch showed him that he would be a little earlier so he slowed his pace. Just at that moment he heard heels clicking on the ground as someone ran to catch up with him.

Sam turned before the person had the chance to get to him and saw a tall, slim girl with brown curly hair that reached her shoulders grin at him. She was beautiful. The brown mini skirt she wore matched with her cream jumper and boots. She always made sure she looked perfect. It had become a habit, she had told him a few months ago. Her hair had been black and had barely reached her jaw a few months ago. But she had changed it back to her natural colour when her boyfriend had said he liked it better like that.

"Sam," she greeted him with a kiss on the cheek. "Where are you going?"

Sam smiled at Chyna Cunning, one of his closest friends, as well as his best friend's girlfriend, and nodded towards the direction of the Cafe. "Gotta meet Caden. How you doin'?"

She frowned. "Caden? Why?"

Sam grinned. Trust Chyna to be honest and say her thought aloud. "I'm not sure. He called and asked to meet up. The man I am, I could only agree."

Chyna gave a fake smile. One she knew Sam would see through and rolled her eyes. "Yeah...the man you are...!"

"You're bruising my ego."


"Where's Jayden?" Jayden was his best friend. Chyna's boyfriend.

They had been a couple for about five months. When Chyna had returned from Scotland after four years, all she had had in her mind was getting her revenge on Jayden; the guy who had dumped her four years ago. It hadn't gone exactly to plan, as they were now an item again and...well in love.

"He had a lecture this morning," she looked at her huge, glittery watch, and nodded. "It's probably finished. He'll find us. Are you in a hurry?"

Sam shook his head. "I was early."

"Okay, let's speak."

Oh-Oh. Sam shook his head. "Actually...I think I may be late?"

Chyna laughed, her gold eyes bright. "Sam, you can't skip your responsibilities."

Sam was still shaking his head. "Nope. That girl is not my responsibility."

Chyna cleared her throat. "She says she's in love with you. Don't you get tired of never having a relationship? I mean it's your twentieth birthday in a month and you never had a girlfriend."

Sam shrugged, as they slowly started walking towards the Cafe. "I don't need a girlfriend. Stopping at the date stage saves a guy a lot of trouble...and tearful girls."

"Look, even Jayden didn't think that before me. He had a girlfriend when I came, remember. Yet his heart had once been broken."

Sam laughed. "Oh, come on! Jayden was never serious with his girlfriends, until you. It was just a way of spending his time."

"Well, at least he faked it. I...I know you, Sam. You need a girl. A girl that'll make sure you behave and go to your lectures and sleep before midnight for once. You're...reckless!"

"Says the girl who used to race guys on streets just for the thrill of it."

"Yet I have a boyfriend I love...a guy who stops me from risking my life for the thrill of it. You have a Maserati, Sam. D'you think I don't know how many races you get into?"

Sam shrugged. His car was his baby. "I don't need a girlfriend to put me back on track. You do enough of that."

Chyna pouted and stopped walking. "Sam, I'm not your girlfriend."

Sam rolled his eyes. "Trust me, I know that."

Chyna grinned. "Thank God."


"You're really not my type. You'll probably cheat on me in a few days anyway."


"Yeah sure."

"Then why would you want to put a poor girl in a relationship with me?"

"So your heart gets broken for once. Maybe that way you'd get a glimpse of love. You can't always keep at a distance, Sam."


But Chyna wasn't looking at him anymore. Her eyes were staring above his shoulder. A small blush came on Chyna's face and her lips curled up. Sam knew who was walking towards them before looking; Jayden.

Jayden's short brown hair was ruffled, probably from frustration in his class and he didn't look too happy.

Chyna walked to meet him halfway. When they reached each other, Jayden said something to her. She smiled and tiptoed, even in her heels, to kiss him. Then the kiss went on and on and on.

Sam looked away. Chyna's words were starting to make sense. He wanted a piece of what Chyna and Jayden had but the thought still scared the hell out of him. He still remembered all Jayden and Chyna had gone through to get what they had. Was he willing to take so many risks and put his heart out? Sam snorted. Even if he did, who the hell was he supposed to fall in love with. No girl attracted him like that.

Finally getting tired of Chyna and Jayden murmuring things quietly Sam cleared his throat and they glanced up. The moody look had left Jayden's face, and his cold grey eyes shone with something Sam was unfamiliar with. And Chyna...well she was still the same jolly girl.

"You guys tired of makin' love with your eyes?" Sam asked.

Jayden burst out laughing whereas Chyna blushed. "Sam," Jayden greeted.

"Yeah, yeah. I gotta meet with Caden. I'll see you guys tonight?"

Chyna nodded. "Of course."

"What's up with Caden?" Jayden asked.

"I dunno. Probably gonna ask somethin' about one of the lectures he missed," Sam lied. It was more than that. He could feel it.

"Right. See you later then," Jayden slapped his arm a couple of times and they both walked away.

Sam made his way to the cafe, trying his best not to think about what Chyna and Jayden had.

Damn! He hated Chyna for putting things like that in his mind!

Finally when he entered the cafe he let out a relieved breath. It was so warm in here! January in England sure was freezing. Especially in Sheering.

Sam found Caden sitting by the windows, a cup of coffee in his hands. He looked nervous, his fingers twisting with one another. After getting his own coffee, Sam made his way to Caden.

Finally the big guy looked up. "Sam," he said and tried to smile.

"Caden, what's up?" Sam asked as he sat down.


"Obviously there's something. Spit it out, mate," Sam didn't like wasting time. And he was curious.

"What took you so long anyway?" Caden asked, trying to gain a little time.

Sam sighed. "I met Chyna on the way. We spoke a bit."

Caden grinned, looking a little more like himself. He couldn't ever not grin at the mention of Chyna's name. He was a proud guy for having kissed Chyna before Jayden could have her. Of course he would never know that Chyna had only kissed him to annoy Jayden. Oh, well.

"How is she?"

"Great," Sam grumbled.

"Good, good. How is she and Jayden, by the way?"

"Perfect," Sam was feeling worse every second. "Are you gonna speak or what? 'Cause I'm tellin' yah now that Chyna and Jayden ain't breaking up anytime soon. Get your eyes off her."

Caden grinned. "Shame. But that's not why I called you."

"Oh really?" Sam asked sarcastically.

"There's a girl, Sam. She...she's like nothing I've ever seen before. So damn beautiful."

Sam raised an eyebrow. Hmm. A girl. "And?"

"And...well, every time I approach her I lose my ability of speech. And one time I spoke to her, she basically bit my head off."

Hmm. She sounded better every second. "So?"

"I want her, Sam. But I can't do it on my own."

Sam's other eyebrow rose to meet the raised one. "You want my help to get the girl?"

"You don't understand. She's...she's scary."

"And you want her?"

Caden shrugged his big shoulders. "She's a challenge. And I'm falling for her."

"Why me?" Sam groaned.

"You're good with girls. There's no girl who'll say no to you."

Sam whistled. "You want me to date the girl you want?"

"No! Prick, of course not. I want you to get to know her and then get her to know me. If you put in a few good words about me, maybe she'll change her mind?"

"Is that it?" Sam asked.


Hmm... Sam thought about it for a few seconds then nodded. He had nothing better to do. And meeting the scary girl would probably make his life a little more fun. "Okay. What do I get in return?"

"I'll pay you."

Sam choked on his coffee. "Pay me?!"

"What else can I do?"

"I probably got enough money to buy the damn university. I don't need money!"

"Fine, what do you want?"

Sam didn't know. "Alright. You'll just owe me a favour."

Caden nodded gladly. "What are mates for?"

"Yeah..." Sam grumbled.

But he'd do it. For nothing. He needed a challenge in his life and this girl seemed like a good start.

"Okay, what's her name?" Sam asked.

"Dream Howard. But they call her Drea."


"Yeah," Caden agreed. "But, man! She so makes up for it."

"How?" Sam asked.

"She's not like Chyna. Chyna has the body of a model. Nah, Drea is shorter and she red hair. A little like your sister's but her one's original. And man...all I'm tellin' yah is that she has the face of an angel."

Sam nodded. A ginger then. Hmm. "Right. I'll see what I can do."

Caden nodded. "Thanks mate. I can't thank you enough."

Sam nodded again and rose from his chair. "Alright. I gotta meet up with Carmen in half an hour. I'll see you some time, yeah?"

"Yeah. Say hi to your sis."

"Will do," Sam said and walked out of the cafe.

He couldn't believe what he had agreed to. He had agreed to try to get a girl to fall for Caden. Caden Andrews! The guy could have had any girl, but no. He has to go for one that would reject him. And Sam had basically promised to get her for him. Oh man. What the hell had he gotten himself into?

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