Chapter 2: Facing the Parents

Syksa glanced hesitantly at the door to her parents' castle, her eyes flickering around anxiously. She snapped to attention as the door opened and a soft but stern voice spoke, "Come in Syksa Angemon."

Paling at her mother's sharp tone she entered her home, dreading the upcoming discussion that was in no way inevitable. Steeling herself to take her parents' disappointment, Syksa walked into the family room, looking directly into her mother's silver eyes. As she stood in front of her mother, she wondered if they would forgive her for running away and not responding to their letters.

Ashala looked at her daughter her mind racing with concern at her child's pale face and wonder at the young powerful newborn baby in her arms.

Shaking, Syksa knelt in front of her mother saying, "Forgive me mother, for the wrongdoings I have done to our clan!"

Ashala motioned for her to rise before embracing her daughter carefully showing her child that she was forgiven as she placed a gentle kiss on her forehead as her husband strode in, his emerald eyes bright with laughter as he said, "Welcome home Syksa."

Syksa smiled overjoyed that her parents had forgiven her. Quietly she hummed to Valentine, who was gazing at her sleepily, his crimson eyes reflecting the lights in the Entrance Hall.

Sizan Glanced knowingly at his daughter saying, "We know that Kurhk is after you and our grandchild. We have placed wards around the castle and we shall be safe until you son turns 20."

Syksa nodded absently as she headed up the red marble stairs into an intricate swirled hallway to her room.

Glancing around the pale pink room she closed her eyes, imagining the room a dark luminous red and let her magic stretch out as she organized the room to house her and her son.

When it was done she sat down in a rocking chair, glancing out to the sky, able to distantly see the distant planet, Ascar, for which the Realms were named for. As the sun began to set she watched her normally red eyes change to an icy blue and silver. She felt a rush of power and light surge through her just as the night became alive.