Lost in a Parallel Universe.
(Don't Leave Me.)

Oh, I can't, love.
I can't.

I want to say it;
How much you mean to me,
How crazy I am,
For you.

You are always there,
Captivating my mind.
Please believe me, even
When I'm talking so much that
Those special words can't reach my mouth.
Yeah, I'm taking so much,
It hurts not only myself.

Unable to listen when you need to be heard.
I'm sorry, so sorry. (I'm a freak.)
I want my inhibitions to be lowered,
(I don't wanna be scared)
I want to be able to love you,
But something, someone, is holdin' me back.

Yeah, I'm held back by
Myself, but I'm only myself, mostly
Myself, when I'm with you.

I'm a paradox in a box,
No paper to insulate, instigate.
I wanna hold you close,
But they're baring their teeth, so
I have to let go, now. (Forgive me.)

I'll reel you back in,
When I've got time.
(Please, be there; don't leave.)
'Cause you'll always be there,
A sick impression warped by my mind.
Why can't you just get out of my life?

Oh, I want you to leave, but I need you to stay;
I've got nobody else, nobody else in the world.
I'd be alone, if it wasn't for you,
And that is something I just can't do.

(I'm blindfolded by faith, yet I'm agnostic;
I manage to see through the seams.)

What's wrong with me?

Oh, god, there's nothing wrong, love; it's all me.
(It's all up to me, God...)
You're perfect(ly bruised) by my standards.
You're my homesick angel who can't fly,
'Cause I've got you wrapped around my fingers.
(Oh, you're around my fingers, baby...)

I'm the sinner who's tied you down.
And I swear, something has to be wrong with me.
Because it doesn't make sense that the thought
Of you leaving
Makes my eyes start to quake.

Before I know it, you'll be gone,
And I'll be here, the same,
Oh, the same as I ever was.
(Yeah, I'll be here, love. Always.)

I can't let you go, but you need to be free.
So pry yourself from my grip and
Run, run for the trees.

You'll be safe there. I Love
You, and
I let you go,
I can't let you;
Go love.

Because I can't.
(I've tried so hard to be free.)
Oh, I can't.
I'm sorry, but
I can't.


Author's Note:

I hope that you all liked it! ^^ Just as a sidenote, I wrote this from personal experience, and tried to make it seem that the narrator was a guy. I know that the title doesn't make sense, in context to this poem, but it makes sense to me. :P

Written for September's WCC. A link is in my profile. If you liked this, please vote for me on the 8th-14th. :) Also, please review, and tell me what you liked and/or didn't like about it. ^^

Thanks in advance! ;)


~Avid. :D

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