Editors note This account was smuggled out of western Europe the editor apologizes for any part of the account that seems disjointed I worked with what was available to me including interviewing the courier that delivered it to me

Translators note this was translated from Esperanto nova to English be aware that Esperanto nova is extremely difficult to translate effectively to English because of its lack of certain concepts such as Freedom , Privacy , Faith , God , & Self determination to further complicate translation the language is almost completely gender neutral there are no sex pronouns in the language however there are contextual usage differences between men & women also some speakers of the language only use there name in reference to themselves that is the case with this writer after the first usage the writers name was translated to the most contextually appropriate pronoun

Walter started this journal as an attempt to understand my behavior after the election of a year ago I guess My disquiet began during the presidential election campaign it is hard to say what gave rise to the disquiet maybe it was world events maybe it was the economics of the time it could have been the candidates themselves it could have even been the fraud in the scientific community but most likely my subconscious added up all of this and saw a disaster in the making

The candidates had such similar stances on the issues that reading the texts of their speeches it was difficult to tell one from the other the ruling party's candidate refused to take a stand on the principles that the world nation had been founded on & governed the world nation for 240 years while the other candidate's party had been planning and setting the stage for 150 years their agenda has been to breakup the world socialist government

The opposition party believed in thinkers that had been discredited 130 years ago yet obstinately persisted in believing that the individual should and could run the affairs of their own life . That freedom is the natural state of human kind . That a managed economy is inefficient and counterproductive . That individuals could be responsible & hold themselves to high moral & ethical standards without " interference" from Government They also believe in a society where excellence is rewarded with monetary gain & failure is rewarded with lessons to be learned

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Richard Hudson provided Transcripts with in days of our request while Andrew Frankelle Refused to send The Transcripts we politely requested we had to use the transcripts that the World archive . All document copies sent out by the World Archive are edited according to the applicable laws and content providers discretion only the originals are unaltered we had to translate these as well that is why the book has taken us more than a year to produce

transcripts from The Richard Hudson Show

You my readers & listeners have heard & read my views on just about everything yet I still get letters and E-mails asking " how I became part of the capitalist movement " well as far back as childhood I knew I was different from my peers I refused to believe that anyone else could exchange places with me and end up with the same results that is not to say that I was the most proficient at what I was assigned to do but I approached every task with the skills and experience I had with the goal of doing the work to the best of my ability & quickly that particular attitude and the truth that I was the only one who could look out from or into my particular brain box when I came across the capitalist movement in my Teen age years it horrified my teachers so in the spirit of teenage rebellion I continued to read I had already Learned English before I started reading about the capitalist movement consequently I was able to read everything they said their movement was based on in its original language it took me years to read it all because I asked so many questions and compared it to the government I had known all of my life and the current government could not measure up to the principles of capitalism the more I read the more the principles of the movement seemed to be the natural way a technological society should conduct business